WSG ironman

I got all the WSG Achievements except WSG veteran and Iron-man. I for a few free action potions. anyone got any tips on how to get the flag 3 times without dying?
At time's it's based on pure luck, depending if the oppisite faction isn't paying attention much or not. Your best bet is to zerg with all 10 people in your group and if the oppisite faction takes your flag send about 5-7 people after him. As long as you have a few healers you'll be fine.
If you play enough games you will sometimes just grossly overpower the other team. Capitalize on those games by playing smart and convincing your team to let you run the flag
Depends almost entirely on how bad you're annihilating the Horde.
I'm not sure if this is still an option or if it was fixed, however, it used to be that if the criteria were met (you do not die and cap all 3 times) you would get the achievement, regardless of who brought the flag to your base and how many times the flag runner died.

you posted on 77 rogue so I will tell you what I did, wait til your 79 and you have the crafted PvP set and then make a premade taking 75+ players. Tell them, you and 1 healer are getting flag and others camp middle and push horde back to gy. I had no trouble getting the achievement with a premade that I made :)
thank you all!:)
Play with friends. I got mine in a guild half-premade with 2 healers on me

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