Might switch to Warrior.

My Warlock has always been my main, i've played it 90% of the time I've played WoW. I also have a level 80 Druid, Mage, and Warrior, with every other class 70+.

In arena I always did Lock/Disc in 2s, and when I played Warrior teams they just sat on me, and sat, and sat and there really wasn't much to do. This made me make my warrior and level it to 80 with prot. At 80 I haven't touched it (Don't see a reason to with Cata coming out soon).

Anyway I think that I'd like the change from Lock to Warrior, it seems like it's the change I need.

Basically I'm asking how do Warriors look for Cata PvP and PvE?

Thank you
I have a warrior, paladin and warlock and out of those 3 classes Warrior is my favorite.

Warriors have always been one of the top classes but they're very gear dependent. If warlock was your main I think switching to a melee dps / tank could be the change you're looking for.

Your other option could be DK but there are 19 million of those running around so I would lean towards Warrior.

I have both; honestly it comes down to playstyle.

I prefer to be self-reliant and less-prone to getting insta-killed if I turn away for five seconds to switch my music or respond to a text, which happens more easily when on my Warlock / Hunter than on my Warrior. They just can't take down anything that was grown off of a Warrior Beard. :)
If you decide to main your warrior, be prepared for a long career of chasing people who won't sit still.

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