FPS Issues (Yep another one) Helpppp

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Experiencing FPS issues when there's a few mobs attacking (Black Knight ToC5/Elemental invasion for example), for this characters UI. Other characters don't face same situation FPS problems and I've tried turning off non mutual addons. Turning off all addons is a quick but highly non preferential fix. Addons are updated and wasn't experiencing this last week (before the last update).
If you want a quick way of pinpointing that issue, try asking the UI forum to see if anyone there noticed a specific addon having an effect on certain characters. If not, you'll have to go thru the "disable all and then re-enable each one till I find it" routine.

Account and Technical Services
Can't find a resolution on the forums? Contact a support representative directly: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/contact.html

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Sorry about the mix up, just went to both and checked for which ever had more FPS posts. But ye already tried that

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