When did YOU get the Wrecking Ball achieve

Got it a few days ago in a regular old AB game. Queued solo, got pug vs. pug. Had no pocket healer. Just picked my battles well and put my welfare axe in a bunch of undergeared dudes.
I got it the first AV i did when i hit 80 on my shaman.

Also have it on every 80 i got Dk,Spriest,Hunter and got it on my 72 ret pally cuase well they werre op in in the 60's bracket haha
I got it on pretty much every toon I got while I was leveling. Once you're over lvl X6 it's pretty easy to get it tbh.
Just the other day in AV =)
My first BG at level 17.

I got it at lvl 15 or so with poor gear.
When I switched to horde...
October 16th, 2008

Two days after achievements came out?
That day that one time.
on my lvl 10 hunter in his first bg ever.
I've got it on four separate leveling alts in the past month:


It's stupid easy.

I got mine from an AB, got really lucky with the classes we were facing. They had like 9 warriors and a bunch of DKs and i think 1 ret pally. All very easy for a pvp prot pally.
Got mine in EoTS with a holy pally heals, and a resto shaman a few months ago i believe so grab some heals and go at it :)
I get this daily, get on my level.
My paladin got Wrecking Ball at level 34. Back in 3.3.3? 34 was the level at which the paladin got Bubble. Just a coincidence though ;)
Don't remember which level bracket, but I got it on this character in a WSG at level x9, while most of the other team was below x5. I just remember laughing my ass off as I went around blowing everything up.

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