When did YOU get the Wrecking Ball achieve

That day that one time.
Near the end of season 8 when I started to actually enjoy pvp. I finally grinded out a full pvp set so I could start doing arena, then the first BG where I tried out my shiny new shadow pvp spec I got it. It was WSG, I didn't have a healer and mostly just ran around solo in mid picking off horde. Ended the game with 37 KBs, 1 death, but for the most part it didn't seem like any of them were very geared. Made me realize shadow = godmode
I got it at level 12 in the first WSG I ever played on this toon. I think it verifies the accuracy of my name.
Wow, way to bring up some good PvP momento. It happened in AB on 10/26/2008, I was Fire back then. I was taking my buddy's fresh warrior to get some PvP stuff. I did not have a pocket healer, the only thing I had was my trusty Noggenfogger. I woould use my undergeared buddy to lure people out and then blow them up one by one. After that day I have virtually "completed" that achievement MANY more times.
Let's see, on this character I got it on the 13th of this month. I believe I dinged level 10 on that day and made it to level 14 by the days end, so somewhere in there I got it.

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