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I have been looking at all of the information coming out for Cataclysm and have noticed a huge lack of achievements for the expansion. I love doing achievements and it keeps me from getting bored and moving on to another game which seems to be what Blizz would want. But the number of achievements coming out that are personal achievements seem to be very sparse compared to Wraths achievements. Also, many that are added are just continuations of old achievements, like loot 50,000 gold from mobs, or to re-explore old areas and the new Cata ones. These are boring and unimaginative and there are so many more that could be added to give us something to strive for. Ones that require skill rather than luck of the RNG.

Now I understand that they have all of the guild achievements added as well, and that is fine and dandy, but don't skimp on the personal ones please.

Ones that would require skill would be like, In the Argent Tournament doing the "Among the Champions" daily, to not dismount, or use your heal ability or receive a heal until you defeat all 4 champions. Or to get shot out of the Darkmoon Faire cannon and actually hit the lake rather than the ground around it, or to do a Strath baron run within 10 minutes or something similar.

It just doesn't seem like there is much thought going into the achievements for Cata as there was for Wrath. Where is the new mountain of mounts achievement that offers a new exclusive mount? Or the pet collector achievements? Those were some of many of my friends favorites and they seem to be left out completely this x-pack.

Is Blizzard just not putting as much effort into this portion of the game anymore? It seems to me that there is a severe lack of new titles, tabards, mounts, and other fun fluff left out for what appears to be no good reason.
Look at it in this logic:

Blizzard had three expansions to work with for achievements in WotLK - they had one to work with in Cataclysm, plus they will most likely add more as it progresses. You've never been around for the beginning of an expansion, have you?
Actually yes. I have been around since Vanilla. Last expansion they were asking us for ideas a few weeks before Wrath that they implemented within a week. There were 2 expansions thus far not 3. They weren't thinking about achievements 5 years ago when they started... it all came within a very short time. Sure there is definitely more content within Vanilla, BC, and Wrath, but more achievements could and certainly should be added.

What are your constructive thoughts on everything else I asked about, or would you rather keep sounding like a know it all jerk that would as soon spew an insult instead of anything that requires thought?
There were probably a few hundred achievements added to Starcraft II after the beta ended and it released. I wouldn't give up all hope or anything.
Thanks Kel... good to know. Just thought they had all been data-mined and released.
Thanks Kel... good to know. Just thought they had all been data-mined and released.

Only the beta can be data mined, there's always going to more content on top of that in the retail version and future patches :)

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