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Since it's nearing Thanksgiving, I wanted to toss this out. This has both a RL and IC portion, so bear with me. :)

Holidays this time of year can be good or not so much. For many of us, all you may see is bad news, something getting worse or people doing through hard times. More people "screwing unto others" as opposed to "doing unto others".

You and/or friends and family might be also be having bad times - financially, career wise or things more personal. Life imitating the Jerry Springer show and/or Cops, or worse.

In short: A lot of things really messed up.

> So I ask, what is there to be thankful for? Or more importantly - what are you thankful for?

Yes, you could say, "Nothing". But sometimes it's the things we take for granted and are in plain sight that are often overlooked.

Sometimes it's looking at the things you do have rather than what you don't. I also understand that can be very hard to frame up somtimes. I have to remind myself sometimes when things are not so great.

Here's Some examples:
    You woke up this morning. Alive. Never a bad start. :) "Any day above dirt..."

    Chances are you have some form of cash on you or in a bank. That's better than people living in many parts of the world.

    You have a roof over your head. Clean water to drink, even if you have a filter hooked up. :)

    You have a pair of shoes - and socks maybe!

    Someone out of the blue did something nice for you.

    You have at least one friend and/or family member that loves you.

    You are able to read this post because you could go to school and learn.

    You have folks you like seeing or look forward to seeing on Earthen Ring when you log in.

    You live more or less (individual opinion may vary) in a free country. It may have it's problems - but you are not running for you life every day.

    There's the technology to even play this game in the first place. It's like cell phones - other than seeing Communicators on Star Trek back in the 60's - who knew we'd have something like them today?

Maybe Thanksgiving isn't really a one-day thing? Perhaps every day has something you can be thankful for. A blessing to count and hopefully remember when things go all Springer.

One thing I've learned is that no matter where you are - it can always be worse. Don't think about the specifics, just know that it can and be thankful you are "here" and not "there".

Hope this helps. *hugs*


And now... On a related IC RP note:

> What is your character ICly thankful for if he/she was asked?
I am thankful I still have my 13 year old cat currently. This could change at any time as we all know.

Liese would be thankful she found the use of a shield
Dorciea would be thankful her Cousin is staying with her over the winter months, especially since all these disturbing cultists are around
Anlya is as always thankful for Aelannor and Khad. Sometimes the only reason to get up and move is because others wish to see you smile.

Wyst currently is not thankful for anything, post shattering she will likely have much to be thankful for ..starting with surviving it.

The day Miresong/Songmire becomes thankful a change will have been made in her nature. We can hope for it ..but it isn't particularly likely.
I am thankful my loved ones. Yea, I know it's cheesy, but it's true!

  • Tsknah (priest) is thankful for the Great and Mighty Cockroach and all the blessings he bestows upon her.

  • Bastaul (paladin) is grateful for his long, flowing hair, and denies all allegations he has a prescription for Goblin Brogain.

  • Shaylee (rogue) has been turned into a turkey and cannot comment.

  • Hoofit (druid) ish grateful for the Thankshgiving wine....hic!

  • Skas is grateful to no longer be working in the Valley of Trials. Those beat sticks hurt!

I could go on with the rest of my alts, but their lists are not as entertaining.
I'm thankful for a lot of things, really. Two weeks ago, I was in the emergency room for a cardiac-related incident; nothing reminds you of your mortality faster than a 6-hour long emergency room visit. So, I'm grateful for the medical technology that allowed me to walk out of there, instead of being wheeled out. Morbid, I suppose, but at 33 years old, I'm too young to have all the medical problems I do. x_x

Gospel would be thankful for the people around her, really. She is, if anything, the sum of the people in her life. Corran is her strength, Vivian (Amend) is her carefree spirit, Dasri is her grounding rod, Rheyl, ironically, is her balance, always tipping the scale one way or the other. Every significant person in her life contributes to the overall whole. Without them, she'd just be another girl in the rank and file.

Sin'Solaria would be grateful for her brother's death. For all that she loved and idolized her brother, he was beyond redemption, something she failed to realize until it was almost too late. It reminds her that love, even the unconditional love we have for our family, can sometimes lead us on dark paths. It falls to us how we shall choose to walk them.
Haha. Dasri wouldn't be much of a grounding rod anymore. ~.^
Haha. Dasri wouldn't be much of a grounding rod anymore. ~.^

Shush. At the time, Dasri was Gospel's best friend! :)
Haha. Dasri wouldn't be much of a grounding rod anymore. ~.^

Shush. At the time, Dasri was Gospel's best friend! :)


And to respond to the thread. I am currently very thankful for the homemade turkey noodle soup simmering on my stove.

That, and the family that is staying far far away for the holidays.
I am thankful for Divine Shield. :P

> So I ask, what is there to be thankful for? Or more importantly - what are you thankful for?

Too much, and I do my best not to take it for granted. Julia and I passed our one year mark, and I do my best to tell her at least once a week how thankful I am she came into my life. I have steady employment in unsteady times. And we're getting our ducks lined up for putting the first bun in the oven. : )

As odd as it sounds, I'm also thanking for having less family at thanksgiving this year. Three brothers and families not being there means 1) less grand kids tearing through the house and (perhaps the biggest thing to me) no football on the TV. So that will amount to more time for those of us who are there to catchup with one another--and we'll still get to see everyone else in a few weeks at the family Xmas anyway.

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