Kalimdor's "Last Ride" - Thank you!

Just wanted to drop a note of thanks to Detharsenal for putting this together and inviting us in to Reckoning Day's vent to share in the experience. It was very well put together and the narration was great.

Sure it was something we could have done individually before the Cataclysm hit, but it was fun to hang out with fellow brothers and sisters of the Horde and take this nostalgic trip through Kalimdor.

Like probably many of you, I have been playing WoW since it first opened it's first severs to players, so taking a last stroll through many of the zones my characters, whether they be Horde or Alliance, grew up in was a special event. Thank you again for running this event and inviting us to come along for the ride.
HELLZ YEA! amazing job deth! I <3 the horde

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