Low level mage DPS

So, in the course of leveling this mage, I have been running Ragefire and noticing I repeatedly am pulling the lowest DPS in any group. I know at my level its not a huge deal but I don't want it to develop into a problem.

I originally used fireball spam, which I realise is low tech, due to it being higher DPS than Pyroblast.

If I try to mainly use my spec spell, Pyroblast, mobs die before its done charging.

I was thinking the problem is to use arcane missiles as often as possible, any thoughts?
Same with me, except I'm Frost. I got told to leave a group because I was the lowest-level there and because I had the lowest DPS in the group. I think you probably should use arcane missiles when it activates. I'm not sure how to increase my DPS either, though, besides that.
Mage dps sucks for a long time. You need to reach some critical points for it to start getting good. Speaking from a Frost perspective things started to finally get better around the mid thirties when I had an arsenal of Ice Lance, Shatter, Piercing Chill, and 3/3 FoF. There are other landmarks of course that add a lot to your dps. Glpyhed Motlen Armor at 36. Brain Freeze in the early 40's. Frostfire Bolt at 56. AB at 58. Etc....

I feel that Mage DPS take a little longer to develop, because while a lot of melee classes get a good chunk of dps from auto-attack, caster classes don't. We need to get a lot of our tools before we can excel.
In trash mob situations (and at lower level, bosses as well) You want to use your instant cast, AoE, or quick-to-cast spells because of the problem you've mentioned, where the mob dies before you can hit them even once.
Tried to factor in missiles, didnt really get a difference. Likely do to still a lack of time.

Seems i'm screwed into doing half the dps of the meter toppers until I get ignite and impact. Just seems like theres not much room for improvement rotation wise when I have 4 spells and 1 of them, Pyro, has a huge cast time; and 1 of them, Fireblast, has an 8 second cooldown.
You'll blink twice and be in your 30's. I wouldn't fret too much. Just enjoy the free ride.
You just said why your dps WILL and ALWAYS be low at a lower lvl, so I dont understand what is the big mystery here.
Mages are kind of underwhelming until i say at least 60.. even then its nothing compared to rogue 2 shotting everything in sight. Keep at it. it gets better.

Also, if you are getting kicked out of lvl 17 groups for puling low dps..?? didnt know dps matters back at that lvl. You can roll your face at the run key and things still die.
I don't know. I about double the dps of almost everyone I end up with in the random dungeon queue since 60...even rogues. Actually so far DKs seem to most frequently come in second. RDQ rarely puts me with other mages, but I assume it's a class thing and not a me thing.
I just rolled a mage with my friend who rolled a rogue on triple XP.

My DPS was abysmal in both arcane and fire while leveling. I thought it was a gear issue so I was hoping I would do more dmg once I got BC gear. Actually, it was a scaling issue.

Upon hitting 58, all my spells upgraded to start doing double the damage they were doing at 57. Needless to say, I went from last in DPS to top of groups easily.

Despite the damage upgrade, fire is still very poor compared to arcane. I need to chuck 4 fireballs at a mob to kill it whereas one arcane blast or two will destroy anything I see. Even on AoE pulls in dungeons, arcane does more single target or blizzard damage than fire's blast wave, flamestrike, dragons breath combo.

While leveling to 58, I'd recommend going arcane as that is the best of our pitiful damage. At 58, I'd recommend sticking to arcane because it BLOWS THINGS UP. My only experience with frost was grouping with another frost mage and he managed 75% of my arcane DPS (fire does 50% of my arcane damage).

Really, I can't say this enough. Arcane at 58 DESTROYS things. This is my experience in the last week getting to 65 on triple xp. I am one-shotting mobs and players alike on good crits.

Hope this helps.
The fact that you lack BoA gear will make you deal less damage than equal-level party members.
The major problem is that at low levels you don't have the burst that melee does right now. My friend was playing his lock, and I was playing a pally, and I did 120 dps, while he did 13. It was completely because I killed everything before he could actually get a cast off. I've seen the same thing with my fury warrior.

The patch should fix it. Maybe.
Aye, casters tend to struggle at low level dungeons. You either target what the tank is and hope you 1) get a cast off and 2) don't pull aggro, or target something else entirely and hope you don't die. When going through the same dungeon as a Rogue, just pop Blade Fury and go to town with insta-cast attacks.

My shaman, level 68, still has some of the same issues of things dying before the cast goes off, but it's more often because the target died after one of my crits took out 3/4 of its health and an enterprising melee poked it. Mages are probably in the same boat.
Like everyone said it's just a caster problem at low levels. I leveled as arcane all the way through and actually started doing some decent damage before 60. Since you rarely go oom at low levels, if your group pulls big you can just spam AB. The mana cost wont affect you and you can continue to keep the damage stack up.
I wish blizzard would find some way to remove dps meters and gearscore so that everybody can get back to just playing the game and enjoying it for what it is.
I wish blizzard would find some way to remove dps meters and gearscore so that everybody can get back to just playing the game and enjoying it for what it is.

ughhh hate people like you....

competition is everything.
^ But then people might actually start to have FUN.
And we can't have that, now can we?
of course not.

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