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Hey all, I know this is an overated thread that has been used a crap load. But I am debating on either stayin Undead in Cata, or going Troll/Female BE. Any opinions, however small or big, will help a lot. Thanks! :]
In this Rogues opinion, racials are only a perc that shouldn't really be considered when selecting a race. IMO choose whichever race you think fits you the best or has the best animations. I like female belf stealth and dagger animations, but the human female kick is my favorite.

I wouldn't care if gnomes had the best racials in the game, I could never be one bc I would probably want to shoot myself in the face each time I logged in.
A few things to consider, do you PvE or PvP mainly?
PvP BE is the best for horde, locking down casters. Goblins are going to be very nice to with the rocket jump.

PvE Trolls, Orcs, Goblins are the better choices depending if you want haste or AP.

If you do both, Goblins are looking pretty strong all around unless they are going to nerf their racials.
Alright. I do a mix of PvE and PvP. My guild pushes 10man content and I am t get the "..of the Horde" title in Cataclysm. Thinking BE Female cuz the Animations are really good for stealthing and attacking, and the silence would absolutely kill casters in PvP.

Now if I get a race change, can I change the gender too? Or does that require a gender change in addition?

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