Once upon a time.

Once there was a night elf named Thestorm. He was a good night elf. He always did what he was told and never bothered anybody. Then one day he was told by the elders of his village that there was a corruption that was spreading amongst the land and its creatures that threatened their homes and their very own lives. Wanting to do whatever he could to assist his people, Thestorm took upon his people's ancient teachings and began studying in the druidic arts. Once his training was complete, Thestorm embarked on a mission to help his people and his home from utter destruction. He helped everyone that he ever met with whatever task was needed to be done. From killing spiders to gathering rare herbs nothing was too mundane for him. He even went trough distant lands across mountains and even across oceans just to ensure his people survived. Then came the day when everything changed.

On one of his travels from Ashenvale into the Stonetalon mountains, Thestorm crossed paths with a most foul creature. This man looked like he had been buried for a decade. And if his horrid appearance wasn't enough, he even had a foul tiny creature with him that was never before seen by Thestorm. He later found out the nasty little bugger was an imp. Upon noticing Thestorm, the man brutally assaulted him with dark magics and flame that seemed to have spawned from hell itself. Even his pet was adept in it's masters magical talents launching an attack on Thestorm as well. Never before having seen such dark and evil acts being committed upon him with such ease, Thestorm ran with uncontrolled fear in several directions before narrowly regaining his composure. His skin burning and his chest in immense pain, Thestorm knew that if he was to survive this encounter and see another day he would have to borrow the swiftness of the cheetah. Quickly emulating the cheetah Thestorm ran and ran and ran until he could no longer hear the creature anywhere near. He didn't even look back when the foul creature laughed and yelled "FOR THE HORDE." No longer anywhere in sight of the creature Thestorm let out a sigh of relief that he had survived his encounter with this unknown type of man and creature. But it wasn't enough.

The burns on his flesh did not cease and the pain in his chest continued to ravage his soul. In dire need of assistance and with precious life seeming to fade away Thestorm panicked. Fighting for dear life Thestorm tried everything he could. He tried bandaging his arm where the fire had struck the hardest to no avail. He then remembered about a magical concoction said to have healing properties given to him as a reward for assisting a gnome in acquiring parts for his new machine. Thestorm drank it without hesitation and for a moment everything seemed well. Thestorm felt revitalized. But whatever corrupt forces the man had employed against Thestorm would not be easily bested. Thestorm continued to feel pain until he was within inches of his life. It was at this moment that thousands of years of collected knowledge about the earth and its restorative properties seemed to flush Thestorm's thoughts. Quickly and not a moment too soon Thestorm employed the powers of nature to breathe life back into his flesh and bones. It seemed as though Thestorm would be safe for now.

It was at that point in his life however that Thestorm realized that if he was ever going to succeed in his mission things would have to change. He could no longer just be a man using his own wits to take on the toll of purging the world of corruption. If he was going to succeed he would have to surpass his understanding of the druidic arts. He would have to allow spirits of ancient creatures to bond with his being in order to be a perfect tool of savage fury. It was at this point that Thestorm promised himself out loud "never again. Never again will I allow my sacred task to be jeopardized by my own foolishness and inexperience. From this day forth I promise to become one with the spirits of the earth. From this day forth mother I will be your vassal to which you strike down your foes with your vengeful wrath for all their trespasses against you. Today I will become your predator. Today I will become your beast. Today I will become the Feral druid."
That's a cool story. Did you post this in the RP forums?
TL,DR Version: Hi! I'm a druid! I got ganked by a warlock the other day. I ran like a *!%!! but his DoTs almost killed me. Luckily I had a potion and used Remove Curse just in time. Afterwards I got all pissed off and swore revenge. The End.
TL,DR Version: Hi! I'm a druid! I got ganked by a warlock the other day. I ran like a *!%!! but his DoTs almost killed me. Luckily I had a potion and used Remove Curse just in time. Afterwards I got all pissed off and swore revenge. The End.

Ya. Lvl 16. Those were the days =D.

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