Why did you start a Warlock?

In every rpg that I have ever played my first toon has always been a warrior and I stuck with that in WoW but warlock was a very close second. As I was lvling my warrior I kept my eye on the warlock class, I would watch them in bgs and dungeons and ask questions when I could. When I hit 40 I rolled a warlock hoping it was going to be as fun as it looked, I was not disappointed.
I really love this class, lvled Aff as that seemed to me to be the most fun and it has been. Corr/C of A (back then) /UA or Haunt then Drain Soul all topped off by that sweet little "ding" that said "Your soul is now in my pocket, thank you." My warrior is still my main as I enjoy getting in there and getting dirty so to speak but warlocks are just soooo much fun to play.
came down to lock priest or pally, cant be a pally on the horde side so that was out, and I really don't like touching little boys so the priesthood is out. That left me with lock as my first and really only character that I have leveled beyond level 20.
I originally was a hunter and hated it. Lock is the superior pet class.
You remember the god mode code for the original Doom? Sure it was fun for a while to go around and just anihilate everything with just my chainsaw, but eventually it got old and I wanted to play the game for real.

My warlock was me turning easy mode off.
I had a hunter and shaman when wow launched. Couldn't really figured out what i'd like. Then I saw a video made by dacke (points to whom remembers him!). He got me interested in warlocks after seeing his soul link videos and that looked exactly like what I was looking for in a class, something that had the potential to do amazing things when in the hands of a player who is good at multi-tasking.
because I saw a warlock doing 20k dps.

also affliction god of death mode.
for some reason my avatar looks like its in warrior T10
I read the class info and decided it seemed like a fun class to play. Ended up leveling it to 80 before I started a new toon. Fell in love with warlocks and been addicted to mine since. Maxed a rogue and shaman since then, working on a hunter, dk, and priest atm... but my love affair with my lock won't end.

Can say that 4.0 was a breath of fresh air from the constant nerfs I've seen since I started. Then my hopes and dreams were smashed with this patch... nevertheless I'll keep playing this as my main : D
when i started playin wow i went with a druid but i hated the game (i was using a laptop to play) so i quit and when i got my desktop fixed i started a new account and looked at all the classes and went with lock (and loved the fear dots and my imp) and me and my imp lived happily ever after.......intill the nerf bat got me
Ahhh, so many memories! I started my warlock back when the game first launched. Things like Medheiv and his demonic book opening up portals to other worlds. The shadow council and Guldan's stormreaver clans. The opening cinimatic of the undead roasting everything with a flick of the wrist, and being able to control infernals!

How could I, in any conscious thought not take warlock!

As for the 12% nerf heh, look at it as a badge of pride :p they had to nerf us by that much to make us in line as others said. When we started out (and dear god why did i pick human back then heh) things like undead rogues were the things of nightmares to us and deathcoil was a 10minute cooldown joke and no one wanted us and half our spells were worthless in molten core. Good times heh, gooooood times.

Warlocks now and forever! Do not fear the twisting nether, for it is the greatest source of your power!

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