80-85 Levelling

I'm Prot/Holy right now. Gear is decent, holy set is better than prot.

Trying to decide if I'm better off dropping either holy or prot for a ret spec to quest with. My ret gear is kinda scrubby. I've got a 251 2hander sitting in the bank, rest of the stuff is a real mix between good and bad gear.

Alternatively I could keep both specs and quest in prot spec/ret armor+sword&board or holy spec/exo spam.

I've heard that questing can get pretty rough in the 83-85 range (i.e., easy to pull extra mobs and die), so I'm thinking it may be more efficient to be in a 'safer' spec.

Any thoughts from folks that leveled up in beta?
Sounds like the exact situation I'm in. Logic tells me I need to keep either holy or prot for instance/group play, and reroll ret for solo, but it's hard for me to stomach given the gear difference. I just keep telling myself I'll be replacing the gear I have now within two levels anyway.
everybody is going to be doing the same quests, just group with people and power house through quests. Any spec works. If you're really worried about speed, or usefulness, lvl holy or prot so u can get fast dungeon queues.

p.s. Dungeons are harder, i really wouldn't even suggest queueing because you'll get alooooot of terrible players...and might not even complete a regular 5man.
I'm planning to solo as protection and see no real reason to respec to retribution.
I'm planning to solo as protection and see no real reason to respec to retribution.

Same, except with Holy.
Im keeping Holy and Ret.

I think that Prot its quite close to Ret in terms of questing.You have the same <oh crap> buttons,skills to cause damage single target and the damage isnt that behind (i think prot its actually better as some posts says!)

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