Pally tanking 4.01

Am I missing something? just tanked for the first time since 4.01 and I was so bored doing it. Felt like I was missing something

Avenger shield pull, HoR/judgementspam until 3 charges of holy power and shield of righteousness.

I found myself with a lot of down time staring at my CDs...yeah I kept threat but it wasn't fun at all.
You're missing the fact that avengers shield should be used as a normal part of the rotation, and Holy wrath should be in there as well.


Which breaks down typically into the rotation:

Where X is AS (if it's off CD) or HW.

*Replace CS with HoTR if it's an AoE fight.
I use Avenger's shield whenever it's off CD. So CS hits harder then HoTR and should be used on single targets/boss fights?

I forgot about the holy wrath change...seems kind of lame though that we're working in an aoe move into our tank rotation though.
If you get REALLY bored you can always hit Consecration.. But yeah we do have some downtime.

I don't see a problem with it though. DK's have downtime too. It is just opening up our rotations to be a bit more forgiving when we need a GCD for something else.

work them into the gaps
*Replace CS with HoTR if it's an AoE fight.

Why would you ever use CS HotR does more damage on single targets too. Unless you need to worry about breaking CC Crusader Strike is pretty worthless.
CS scales much much much better with vengeance

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