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I've spent the entire week queueing for Wintergrasp whenever I was online (at least twice a day, up to five times a day on the weekend) and because of the new balance queue system, I could not get into a single Wintergrasp battle. I was unable to complete my weekly quests (the vehicle destruction, destroying a tower, and winning a game) because of this.

I have no control over making the other faction queue so we can get more than 15 people into a game. I can't do anything about faction imbalance. Please explain to me how I am supposed to get my weekly quests done with the system working this way?

I realize it's the end of the expansion and Wintergrasp won't matter soon, but I think it's fair to say these concerns apply to the new version in Cataclysm, Tol Barad, and as such should deserve some attention now. Also, I didn't think tenacity was a good fix either, but at least everyone could play that way.

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