help a brotha out blizzard!

well it seems you increase the Shaman stam, int, sp, etc! as usual i think you're missing the point! i dont think there has been a complaint about dmg, atleast not from my end! it's the lack of defense! great, so i can heal myself! how's that gonna help me if im constantly stunned, sapped, feared, etc? i just love trying to click on buttons to heal and it says "you cant do that right now!" then it takes even longer to click the button once ive been stunned, kicked, etc! i just dont get it? hunters, mages, locks have pets stuns, fears.... pallis have heals, bubbles and epic power! plz tell me what the advantage is to being a Shaman, because i think im missing it??? it's pretty obvious that we are the weakest link when EVERYONE goes for you first!!!! make the Sham more for PvP and not just for PvE!
Try the 31/0/5 instead of the 31/5/0 if you are having problems surviving.

Haste instead of Mastery.

Etc, etc, etc.

There really is so much you can do... it is amazing what an Elemental can heal through short of being jumped by a sorority of BELF Shadow Priests...

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