The Shattering;

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So, according to MMO-Champion, the Shattering is slated for tomorrow.

Even if it isn't, my concern is with how it is implemented.

To be more specific; I think it would be rather lame if the following is how it is implemented:

"Oh, patch day tomorrow" (regardless if tomorrow is indeed tomorrow or next tuesday)

-Next Day-

"Oh hey, new Azeroth."

I really think a quest or two to at least explain why Magni is dead, there are claw marks on Stormwind, the park being ravaged, and the world in general being changed is needed, at least initially to help bridge the old world over into the new world.

Expect a Horde quest explaining what happened to Cairne, that involves Garrosh. But due to time constraints the Alliance one with the return of Moira to be scrapped.
It seems to be the theme for this Xpac.
when you open up wow tomorrow or next tuesday after the patch you will see the cataclysm cinematic that shows deathwing destroying the world.

Unforunately thats all they have to show what happened.

And apparlently we jump 5 years in one night.

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