Who's Going to be a Tauren Paladin Tomorrow?

I'm thinking of rolling one. Some variation of HolyCow and levelling up as some crazy shockadin.

It tickles my funny bone... out of all the races, it's the moocows. Well fine, let's have fun with it I say.
Definitely going cow tomorrow.
seriously considering it. I hate how blood elves look. I'm not a huge fan of Taurens, but I like them more than blood elves. The last time I went to the in-game barber, I cringed pretty badly and remembered why I left the helm on.
I shall.

Who else is gonna be a tool tomorrow?
The same thing was said about Blood Elves, except in worse ways.

Pretty sure tauren isn't the worse thing to happen.

Tauren will at the very least make me feel more like a true member of the horde. And not some anorexic high elf knock-off.
No thanks the last thing I need is to be a giant, obvious target in BGs. Especially as a healer. Healing Tauren Priest/Paladin is not going to be the way to go for BGs at all.
lot of Tauren hate goin on in here!
Hey cows my tail is bigger than yours.
so are we actually gonna be able to make the new character combos today and not wait till cata?
ewww, theres gonna be cow patties all over silvermoon now....

and No I am not switching to that, Ill join Thrall in saying "F*ck that Sh*t, I'll hit Nagrand!"
I for one welcome our new Sunwalker brethren into the paladin fold.
I still can't believe it: Tauren Paladins.

It's just not right...
good luck with doin' it before dec 7th pal

Blizzard announced the paid race change will work when the new class/race combos are unveiled. Which would be today...not December 7th. The only ones locked out are the Goblin and Worgen...naturally.
MOOOOO! Cant wait to warstomp the valks on H:LK!

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