Who's Going to be a Tauren Paladin Tomorrow?

I still can't believe it: Tauren Paladins.

It's just not right...

Actually, it's not that much of a stretch IMHO. In 'The Shattering', Anduin Wrynn gives Bayne Bloodhoof a mace that is imbued with the Light. Since Cairn's weapon was shattered by Garrosh in their duel, it can't be handed down a the proverbial heirloom as Bayne takes over the leadership of his race. The new mace will likely be his trademark weapon, and while I'm not certain if this is the lore-origin of Tauren Paladins/Priests, it makes sense to my mind that the realtionship between the two individuals could be seen as the conduit for sharing of the Light, which embraces all peoples.

In spite of my tail joke earlier, I probably will roll a Tauradin tonight.
It is pretty funny reading all the fairy BE posts about how unattractive Tauren Pallies are. LOL! What an obvious response from a race where the men look like women. I still can't believe someone can be taken serious as a Male BE. I bet those individuals all have Beiber hair and wear skinny jeans.

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