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/wave to all the Ravencrest people.
Nazjatar and Mannoroth/Blood Furnace... Thank you!
I would have thought that Spirestone group would be done. Add Stormscale to the group and it doesn't add up to too much on wowprogress, maybe top 30, but it turns it into top 10 on realmpop.

Has wowprogress come up with a way to show the connected realms yet?

And Crowlight, you keep talking about triage which is all fine, but you still haven't answered what I asked in the last connection realm, what happens to the patients you neglect too long?

I'll tell you, they become as bad as the patients you put priority on to begin with, and you'll have to put more resources into getting them healthy again.

I don't think you understand how triage works.

Triage is not a one-time thing. It's an ongoing assessment where patients in life-threatening conditions are prioritized over patients in stable conditions. If a patient previously assessed to be stable turns out to be deteriorating, the priority is changed accordingly. If a patient in any condition is neglected over time, then someone did the triage wrong.

If you want to make the argument that RP/RP-PVP realms (or Oceanic, Latin American, or Brazilian realms, for that matter) are dying FASTER than the low-pop realms, then that's great, but no data exists outside of Blizzard to back that up. On the other hand, there is extensive data to demonstrate that a large number of PVP and PVE realms are in worse condition than the RP/RP-PVP set, and as such are higher priority in terms of getting connected.

If you want to make the argument that Blizzard should "throw a bone" to RP/RP-PVP realms by addressing some of them now, outside of the triage order that's been established, you're asserting that the population on those realms is more important than the population on PVE/PVP realms. You're welcome to that opinion, but don't expect anyone to share it.

Low population is a problem for the vast majority of realms. The data supports that. Blizzard doesn't need to give deferential treatment to a minority group of realms; everyone who needs this solution is going to get it. No one needs to cut in line.
NAAAAAZGRELLLLLL!!!!! Who can I hug for putting that back on the schedule? I knew the delay had something to do with the Nesingwary problems and not "because Nazgrel is medium population," which in reality it isn't. I still see the occasional problems with Nesingwary players unable to log in or the loss of their gear/mail/guild, but hopefully these problems have been mostly addressed and are nearing completion, so our merge will hopefully go smoother. I suggest we throw a party, raid up with our newly increased numbers (I think our merge will double the horde population, which isn't much as it is), and down that clown Galleon who has just been sitting there taking pot-shots at the Silken Field for the past several months, untouched by pretty much anyone.

I just want to sell my items I've been saving up since there's just not enough of an economy here to sell some things that normally would sell well and fast on higher populated servers.
Wow...never thought of GH as being a low pop server, but after hearing people scream in agony over a population twice that of GH....well! I guess we'll be getting merged afterall, at some point here.
Guess they shouldn't have listened to all the cry babies that wanted new servers when there was still plenty of underpopulated ones back in the day.
Blackrock Alliance has literally no activity in the Auction House. Please merge Blackrock Alliance with other realms, it is just depressing. I can't sell anything and I can't buy anything, and the cities are empty.

Just because the realm population is classed as "High" does not mean that both factions are flourishing.

Blackrock Alliance would appreaciate it.
Hey, I see Ravencrest is slated for a connection! This warms the pit of my cold heart.
I am excited! HI ULDAMAN! <3

12/17/2013 10:06 PMPosted by Spankyhunter
when will the oceanic realms be connected? apart from frostmourne, most are dead quiet. join the rest together then give free transfers off frostmourne please

My assumption is they will do oceanic after they've finished their work with the us realms, although I haven't spotted any word on connection of oceanic realms since this began.
How about another transfer sale for those of us tired of waiting? Make it all your toons for one flat fee.
Norgannon and Kargath? I tought you were aiming to balance servers.
Norgannon and Kargath? I tought you were aiming to balance servers.

Except they aren't.
None of the connections have been for faction balance. It's all about overall realm population.
Just curious...
Has Gilneas been connected, or put on a list?
I haven't paid much attention, sorry.

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