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so for the last week or so the game has become almost unplayable. the game will just completely lag out as if i D/C'd for about 3-5 seconds, then everything i missed will show up in fast forward until im synced back up to where i should be. sometimes this happens once every 5-10min, but most of the time it will happen so often it's unplayable. imagine a trash pull in a raid, i cast 1 skill, lag out 5 seconds, it re-syncs and i cast 1 skill, then lagged out for 5 seconds.

that will go on over and over again until i just get fed up and stop playing, the in game latency showing seems to be all over the place and have little to not impact on this problem. i've had it say 500ms and play fine, while also having it say 50ms and lag out hardcore every few seconds.

i have comcast as my ISP, with a 55down/11up speed. i play any other online game i want just fine, but as soon as i try to play this game, it's just constant lag
It might be wherever your going into the instance, I had the same problem and I fixed it by doing the following:

Cancel any downloads or uploads anything to do with Internet 'Bandwidth'
Never enter an instance in a major city unless you got some insane internet, With all the constant people moving and things happening the server has to remember all that and where you were causing your gaming to lag along with it.

Not sure if these will help but I hope they will. Also try to unplug router-modem and wait a minute and restart it and try a Ethernet connection if your using wireless.
Also, If you use curse client which you may or may not, It automatically sets itself as "More important" Than all of your other programs,

For windows: Right click the taskbar (Bottom of the screen with your icons) Click on a free space and click "Open task manager" Click processes and find Curseclient.exe
Right click it >Set Pritority and you'll notice it says high, Set it down to medium along with everything else.

Again I hope this helped!!

-Best regards
Google :p
This is happening to me as well. I have no downloads running. I don't use curse client. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection, as none of my other games (including diablo!) do this.

It will freeze randomly when I'm alone, when I'm in cities, when I'm in instances, when I'm sitting on an ore node in Netherstorm, it doesn't matter. :/
There's a massive number of people having this problem right now, blizz has said they'll look into but that they need as many people as possible to make tickets or add to the threads on this with pathpings... The problem is that a lot of peoples' ISPs are routing them through AT&T network hubs that are having issues. These same hubs kept people from logging in earlier this year.

So yeah, blizz has said to get people to add to those threads and open tickets and to pester the tar out of their ISPs to get them to re-route you or to have them pester AT&T to fix their hubs.

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