Faction-specific Latency Issues?

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For some reason, my wife and I experience elevated Latency (twice the Latency) only while we're on Alliance characters.

We've disabled add-ons, made sure nothing else was running in the background that might impede bandwidth, fire-walls disabled, etc.

We've even checked between certain servers/timezones to see if that mattered, but it didn't.

Still the Difference in Latency persists.

Any clue as to why that could be? Thanks a lot. This is starting to get frustrating.
Are your alliance toons on a different server?
We've both made two different sets of Alliance/Horde characters on different servers. They've both been higher latency for each. (She having the much higher latency than I, for some reason)

Tested them all, and they've all had double the latency on Alliance than Horde on all the servers (we tested Dentarg/Whisperwhind -- Thrall -- Stormrage for servers) for a total of 12 different toons amongst our accounts.

All having higher latency among Alliance than Horde for some reason.
Weird, there have been latency issues in general lately and Blizz is starting to look into it. I would run a pathping as described here, https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/running-a-pathping-test and post that in a ticket and/or one of these forums...


I suggest one of the first 2 links, since the first I've been informed will have a blue checking it tomorrow and the second has already gotten attention.
a pathping though, would point towards both factions (indicating a problem with our direction towards a server, correct?) having latency issues, no?

My wife and I only get elevated latency problems for one faction though?

That... doesn't make sense....
It doesn't, so I would open a ticket as well, just to see. they may have an idea I don't for that. I just know there's been lots of latency issues lately.

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