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One of the many things I like about World of Warcraft is that, with a little effort, it's possible to make connections with some pretty amazing people that you might have otherwise never met anyplace else. Personally, I made most of my in-game friends while lending a little help to a stranger. Some of those interactions were pleasant diversions that lasted for just a moment, the length of a quest, or a few hours. Others have lead to friendships that I still have.

When was the last time you reached out and made a friend in World of Warcraft? What were you doing? Was it a single serving friend or a more lasting relationship?
Can't say that this has ever happened to me.

People I know locally that play WoW are the type of people I do not want to hang out with.
I complimented someone on their mog...

I am now constantly asked to go mog hunting with this person.

At least I make some gold off it. :P
Recently was introduced to a new guild by an old friend. have added 8+ into my real id after not adding a single person for months. felt great to meet new cool people :)
I think most of the lasting in-game friendships I have now actually started here on the forums. I can't cite specific examples of what I helped with to be honest (maybe I shouldn't assume i was helpful at all, come to think of it) but helping and getting to know other players here, as well as some random additions from the Battletag threads have filled my friend list to the brim. : )
This is weird. I honestly didn't expect a post like this from a blue. It feels funny.

But I help out by running raids with folks when I have nothing to do. Even if I don't want anything. I also help tanks in LFR. I helped a few under performers gear up in my Flex group a while back too. And sometimes I just group with DPS so they can get a faster queue. And yes, I stay for the whole run.

Whelp, that's all I got :D

Oh, one very kind forum poster also took me on a tour of the Timeless Isle and helped me gear up. That was a wonderful experience.
all my in game friends i met on these forums
I try to help people. I try to reach out to people in random groups by talking or just being encouraging.

Most often it's a short interaction, rarely does it seem to last, but if I've helped someone have a good day, it's worth the effort.

When I was working on getting the double agent achievement I would give gold freely to people who were new to the server since it would otherwise go to waste.

I've offered hearthstone keys to people I've met on these forums and guildies. Won a free Blizzard pet in a contest for my guildies.
One of my longest WoW friendships stemmed from pvp. On my mage at 70, I went to Hammerfall because it was under attack. I did battle with a feral druid there who then whispered me telling me how fun it was to fight me.

He made a Horde mage and I ran him and his gf through things and helped them level. We've been WoW besties ever since.
I was putzing around on my <of the Forums> alt (that has been sorely neglected...) and made friends with this awesome femtaur druid, and then he came to my Flex run and didn't complain about our derpiness, and now we're like BFF.

I've also been to a couple of Wrath raids to help a certain cyclops laser-face hunter with achievements, and we're also basically BFF.
Someone asked me for a gem cut and I cut the gem for him.
Even though I'm not a good player, there's a few forum posters I wouldn't mind adventuring with. My guild is cool, but I cannot commit to their raid schedule (and also I lack skill and don't want to be carried) so unfortunately I only am acquainted with a few of them.
I just created a Panda Mage last weekend, after restarting the game, I was gettng my butt whooped, I came across a Panda Warrior having a similar issue but with Damage, we grouped together and chatted while going through the starting zone, unfortunately she became a member of the alliance scum, but we exchanged btags and we talked all weekend long, turns out she was a brand new player and needed to know how things worked, I gave her some of my hints and what I would do in her situation, and I told her about sites that I used to visit (about a year ago), she was grateful, though I won't be able to chat with her all the time or group with her, but it felt good to help someone that needed the help
I'm a warlock, not allowed to do as such.
I helped run a guild back in Cataclysm. I'm still friends with the officers, even though they've left the game behind.
Nope only friends I've made in game are from my guild. I should reach out and make more, more friends would be great.
This is weird. I honestly didn't expect a post like this from a blue. It feels funny.

It's cool. I'm kind of a weird dude.
About a week ago, to be exact. I was just messing around on my Druid, giving people rides on stag form with a Body Shrinka' and I met this person. We chatted it up for a bit and became friends. He's a lot of fun.

I usually try to be as helpful as I can to players I see out in the wild (or anywhere, really), but nothing really comes out of it a lot of the time. Though me being antisocial doesn't help matters. :p

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