You cannot mix dungeons, raids, and randoms

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When i try to list my name for flex, i get the error "You cannot mix dungeons, raids, and randoms when picking dungeons."

1) I am not qued for anything

2) It gives the error for only flex listing and it gives it for each individual or all checked.

3) I have a 547 ilevel which is more then needed for any of the flex.

I can list for anything else except flex. Has anyone seen this problem or have a solution?
I been getting the same message totally broken =/ . . .
Im sure this would be better suited in the bug forum.
Did it to me too. I turned off the addon LFRAdvance and it worked properly.
Open your raid finder panel, scroll all the way down and make sure nothing is checked toward the bottom. A few people have turned up with 25 man raid checked off unintentionally.

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