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I could never be a CM, I don't have the humor for it. Most the CMs I see are able to toss humor out here into the forums and have witty comebacks when needed. I'm just not that funny or creative.

If I was a CM, I'd be the rule-book thumping delete girl. My avatar would be a flying libram with an evil glowing face. I'd see a IM-chat thread going on, *ZAP!* delete. Thread where player bashing is going on instead of discussion, *KABLOOEY!* delete. Any off-Wow topic, *BANG!* delete.

What kind of CM would you be, and what avatar would you use?
What kind of CM would you be, and what avatar would you use?

The hammer of wrath, dealing swift and decisive punishment to all who oppose my steel-clad will.

My avatar would be a bunny.
I would rule the forums with an iron fist, if anyone talked down to my MVPs


Vanilla Servers


How to fix PVP



i would be the jokingly helpfull one and my avatar would be the old timey comic "BANG" symbol
I'd be the best CM.
I don't know what my avatar would be, but everyone would hate me; I'm all for swift discipline, destroying drama, and banning problem-causing trolls. When I used to admin for a few IRC networks, I was often compared to fascists and !@#$s because of how strict and ruthless I was towards miscreants.
An Observer, with snide remarks and occasionally helpful tips.
I'd be the best CM.

I agree, i think you would be.

ETA: I think the sass quota on the CM team is filled. Anymore sass and it might cause the Earth to accelerate more rapidly through space.
What kind of CM would you be, and what avatar would you use?

I'll delete/lock any threads that goes against the True Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream, and suspend anyone from the forums who goes out against him.

My avatar would be Kor'kron Flag, or something like that.
My avatar would be a glowing purple heart (shape), or a female Naga. I would usually make silly comments and generally try to have fun with the subject if I felt it was appropriate, but also helpful and/or serious when the time called for it; and always polite to the posters that deserved it, just a bit snarky to the ones who didn't. Dare I say, a bit of everything?
I'd be the best CM.

I would be better.

I used to be a Policy and Abuse Rep for an ISP that isn't in business any more. I enforced their Acceptable Use Policy on the user population, you know, no spamming, hacking, running servers, etc. It was a fun job.

It was very cathartic coming from Technical Support. You went from, "I'm sorry that happened to you, I'll get my manager for you.", to, "Yes, I *am* telling you you can't do that, and if you don't comply, I'll close your account RIGHT NOW."

But, you have to remember, you're enforcing a policy, which is a legal contract. Any account action you took had to be within the confines of that policy. You couldn't just nuke someone's account because they pissed you off. As has been oft repeated in these forums, "being a jerk (or being stupid) isn't against policy". Your actions did have the potential for being legally actionable, so you had to be careful. There were many situations where I had to involve my manager and occasionally our Legal department. So, there are limits, but, again, it was a fun, and interesting, job.

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