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So I'm not necessarily new to WoW, but I'd still be considered a noob. I don't know really how to hit the ground running when I start a character and I just need some advice. I used to play on a friends account just casually, but now I have my own and I want to get competitive so I can have fun in the game mainly in PvP. So what's some general knowledge I need to be good in the end? Thanks for any help.
Do you have heirlooms?
What i mean by to be good is like know how to get money, level up faster, know what i'm doing when im in any role in a dungeon, know what im doing when skilling and in the end be able to at least compete with some of the better players on WoW. so basically everything lol.
Well, if you need any help with quests, guides, or things in general, WoWhead is a good place to go to search for things:


If you need help with gearing, specing, and that fun stuff, Icy-veins is awesome:


But your best bet, as a brand new player, is to log in and start playing to get a feel for the game. The introductory quests are great, and you can grab king/warchief's command quests from the bulletin boards in main cities to be directed on where to go next. Pick up flight paths and quests as you go.

If you find people in the area leveling, try to strike up a conversation so you can make friends. The best way to go into dungeons and learn roles is to go with friends or patient veterans. That way you can learn, make mistakes, and have fun.

Your realm forums are also a good resource to find folks on your realm that might be worth hanging out with, or even find a guild.

eta: Also, addons are things that can really improve quality of life as a player. If you're ever interested in changing the layout of your WoW interface, head over to curse:


to browse their addons and see if anything catches your fancy. They have things like bar mods, role play mods, boss mods, etc.
If your end-goal is to pvp, you will want to begin dueling people on a regular basis. It's only thru dueling other classes that you find out what they can potentially throw at you. Expect to die a lot and constantly. People congregate to duel outside of Stormwind's main gates and in Goldshire if you're levelling allianice. If you're going horde, the place to be for dueling is outside of Orgrimmar's gates.

Remember that fighting one on one is completely different than what you'd encounter in arenas or battlegrounds, but it's a great way to hone your skills.

PVP prior to level cap is not at all balanced, so don't expect to fine tune things until you hit 90.

The PVP forums here will be a great resource to you as well as the sites mentioned in previous posts.

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