Realm Connection Issues 12/31

Customer Support
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Hello all,

We are aware of the issues currently affecting some realms. Our Realm Techs are looking into it and we hope to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

We will provide updates here as they become available.
This was happening yesterday too if I'm not mistaken.
Happy New years! lol
I'mmmmmm just going to go back to drinking.

Someone holler when it's back up.
Just got bounced from Stag and Earthen Ring. Seeing realms come up and down in the list.
bye flex group
Just the middle of a raid and realm goes down....
Thank you for getting onto it so quickly, Vrakthris and colleagues.

Alas, I didn't pick up a bottle of port today for the New Year. Maybe a cup of tea will be as good, while I wait.
Malfurion crashed and burned. Can't get past "logging into the game server". =(

@Trilliam: Dangit, you reminded me that I forgot to buy some eggnog. >.<

EDIT: I'm able to login to Malfurion and things were sluggish for a couple minutes, but it looks like its out of the woods for now.
Thank you for getting onto it so quickly, Vrakthris and colleagues.
Any update?
Party on moonguard
And now Dark Iron is down as well. Crappy New Year!
This was an issue 2 days ago. I was on Garrosh too. :(
Sha at 27% in the VoES and poof.... Now I get to requeue and clear the whole damn thing again with no valor gained from first run and loot on second run. God I love when stuff crashes....
*sniffle* I was trying to help a friend track down a rare pandaren pet and boom. He thinks it's his computer. I'm real glad it isn't.

Icecrown and Farstriders down (gotta love cross realm parties)
Doesn't look like it's recovering. Earthen Ring still offline, Wyrmrest Accord won't allow logins.
Earthen Ring is back up, and it looks like the rest are too. I'll repost if I'm kick

EDIT: Soooo, it kicked me on initial login, but I'm back in on the same character I was booted on.

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