Realm Connection Issues 12/31

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Seems like some realms are back up... hope it wasn't another hack or something :(
This happened just yesterday but with League of Legends...
1 hour wait for LFR queue and Sha of Pride at 10% when the server decides to crash. Got to love it!
Kil'jaeden as official crashed.. ms was over 7000 by the time I crashed.
This happened just yesterday but with League of Legends...
Actually, was among the targets hit in that wave.
Gilneas and Lothar keep going on and off -.-"
Gilneas and Lothar keep going on and off -.-"

It is still being looked into, Kokitozz. Some realms have recovered but others are still having a bit of trouble. Our Techs are on it.
It's a group of people even tweeting about it on twitter, for reasons I won't post here.
what tweeting about what happened yesterday?
So Lightinghoof just shut down... not surprised. What is interesting is that I cant access any other server...

Now maybe its just the servers I've tried are down and the list has yet to update, OR maybe its related to the servers shutting down...
I logged out to switch characters on Illidan and the server crashed at the exact same time!

I'm sorry!
Entire LFR group just went BANG BOOM GONE - Unable to reconnect.
blah blah whobity blah tookerrrjerbs fix dem servers blah blah I was doing stuffz
so... why dont we just admit that you accidentally spilled alcohol all over the server pc? this EXACT same thing happened with league a couple years ago... with just as little response from the staff...
ugh wow. was on a flex nazgrim at like 30% when i got booted... i better still have my new trinket from shamans when i get back.

... i was thinking that it was the hackers that got League of legends yesterday but nope.
Everytime it logs me in it just kicks me off. Game is completely unplayable atm
12/31/2013 08:36 PMPosted by Pribbl
When these types of things happen, I wonder why I pay a monthly fee;

Then quit playing. Nobody here goes for that argument because EVERYONE is paying it. That doesn't entitle you to more than anyone else is getting.
Man, just replaced two members of our raid team, night was going well and then Illidan went down. There goes the night.

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