Hats off to blizzard customer support.

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chocolate and peanut butter cupcake

Why have I never eaten one of these before?!
Op - I loved that! You sir are my hero of the day. I've worked in customer service and retail for going on 15 years now and have been tempted to do this SO MANY times. Kudos to you, and on behalf of those of us who have to work with the ungrateful, unreasonable and malcontent public every day, I THANK YOU!

I just don't understand why people can't get something that seems so simple. You get better service when you're NICE.

Years ago I used to work customer service for a large home improvement store chain (I won't say the name, but I loathe the color orange now, if that's any clue) at a call center in Florida. Some genius in the corporate office had decided it would be the BEST IDEA EVAR to take away the customer's ability to call the store directly and instead route every call to every store in the entire country through this call center first. From there we were then supposed to connect the call to the specific store and the department requested. Sometimes to a specific person, whether or not the customer knew the employee's name.

Customer calling from Vermont - "I need to talk to that tall, balding guy in lumber. I spoke to him yesterday."

Me, very much not in Vermont - "I'm sorry sir, I'm not actually in the store. I can get you to someone in his department though"

Customer - "Oh. Well where are you?"

Me - "Florida."

Customer - "How the hell did I call a Florida store??"

To which I'd have to explain the whole call center thing. It caused many problems, and many irritated customers, as you can imagine. I was patient with most of it. Wasn't their fault after all that corporate had come up with the stupid idea. Some customers were cool about it, others were not.

Typical phone conversation with someone who was not:

Angry customer - "I want to speak with Jerry right NOW."

Me - "Not a problem. I'll try to get you to him. Which store are you calling for?"

Customer - "Store? What do you mean which store? This isn't the (insert moronic company's name here) in Atlanta?"

Me - "No sir, I'm at a call center in Florida, but I route calls to the stores. Which store in Atlanta are you trying to reach?"

Customer - "The one on Adams. Jesus."

Me - "Give me just a moment to find the store and I'll get you to his department." (it takes all of one hot minute) I apologize for the wait. I found the store. Do you know which department Jerry works in?"

Customer - (after a fit of cursing, he responds with an edge to his voice that says I'm an idiot for not knowing the answer to this question already) "Plumbing?? I don't know! For *@#!'s sake, I could have just walked there and been done with it by now."

Me - (thinking yes you could have and hopefully you do that next time instead of calling and filling my ear with your swill) Would you like me to connect you?"

Customer - "Do you even know if Jerry is working today?"

Me - "I don't have that information in front of me, I'm afraid. I can get you to someone in his department though."

Customer - "Fine! Whatever! Just let me speak to SOMEONE IN THE STORE!"

Now, at this point, I pause just a moment to take into consideration that this guy isn't really mad at me. Well, probably not. Not for anything that I can help. I've been nothing but polite and professional with him up to this point. He sounded from the get go like he just wanted to be mean to someone. Maybe he's just had a bad day and felt the need to rage a little.

But should that someone be me? No. Just because he's got his underoos in a twist mean he's able to ruin someone else's good mood? No. Customer service reps make excellent targets, despite trying to do the best we can for our customers (most of us. There's bad apples in every bunch.). But that doesn't mean we always take it on the chin. And so...

Me - "Not a problem. Have a nice day."

I hit the transfer button. To the millworks department in Fargo. Oh, you'll speak to someone in the store, buddy. And when you call back, one of my coworkers will probably do the same thing until you calm the hell down and ask NICELY. It usually only took 3 or 4 times.

Don't mess with customer service reps. We're masters of passive aggression.
We're masters of passive aggression.

That we are... that we are.
yeah they're customer service is great. The one question i had, they answered quickly and it was a good experience. Would recommend
meh, I think working customer service in retail would be the harder job
Why have I never eaten one of these before?!

You should try cheesecake that has peanut butter frosting. It's delicious.

(My friend, sadly, was gone by the time the sheriffs got there, and was found dead several hours later. There was nothing anyone could have done, he'd apparently left the house immediately after he sent the email.)

*would hug you if I could* I'm sorry to hear that. I once had a full mental breakdown on the forums. No cops showed up but I did get a email from Blizz. A GM also popped in really quick when I logged in later. Just to see if I needed anything. The fact that I wasn't banned after that breakdown thread ( I started swearing a lot in that thread ) shows Blizz understands stress.

*hugs* I hope you are doing better now!! I get kinda frustrated when someone says Blizz doesn't care... they do! Your story as well as mine are just but two examples of many of them going above and beyond what they NEED to do, because they care.

Edit: and what blew my mind working as a 911 dispatcher was that... 75% of the calls started like this.

"911 what's the location of your emergency"

"... well this isn't really an emergency."

Oh god so much this!!!

Although, the center I worked at did have a non-emergency number that routed you to the exact same place >.< I gave props to those who ACTUALLY used the non-emergency number for non-emergencies.
had to rotfl at this as they dont even do their job most of the time , it takes many tickets to solve a single issue nowadays . Also sucking up doesn't help you at all

It's not sucking up. If I had gotten terrible service from blizzard I'd have written and said I got terrible service.

Saying that boiling water is hot isn't sucking up to the boiling water; it's simply stating a fact.
12/30/2013 07:57 PMPosted by Yzara
First! If you don't get the billing info don't put the order in! If I was your boss and you were putting in orders before getting billing info. I'd fire you without a second thought.

You sound lovely. For starters, I do customer service for folks having issues placing web orders. So people start an order, wander off or close out the window or their internet goes out. If they get far enough into the order, it saves their spot. People invariably freak out that they got charged when they haven't even put in their card info or hit the "Place Order" button and call to share I guess.

But you're right, I should totally be fired.
My mother owns a cupcake store...1 day this woman walked in and dead serious said "hello, my son is allergic to peanuts, is there any peanuts In the chocolate and peanut butter cupcake?"...after explaining to her there was peanut butter in the cupcake this woman decided that she was buying her sun that cupcake. I sold a cupcake to a woman who seemed to be killing her son.

I believe it. You don't know how many times people would call into say they hadn't received their whole order when they hadn't even opened the packing cartons.
I have ALWAYS had excellent service from Blizzard's customer support.


The only time I have personally needed to open a ticket is when Kologarn 10M bugged out and I didn't get the Disarmed (10 Player) Achievement, even though I had met the criteria.

The GM granted me the achievement and I went on my merry way.
I was a postal worker in the Air Force for 12 years (yeah, not the most prestigious military career out there, but "someone has to do it", right?) and I have countless stories where I very nearly lost it, and even when I almost cross that line, I got in trouble. I like to skim through the Blizz customer service forum from time to time, and my goodness I do applaud those reps.
Anyone who has worked in customer service knows that the customer is NOT always right.

Where did that statement even come from?

"The customer is always right"

What a farce.
I'll treat you CS people like I treat everyone else:

With over-the-top sarcasm.

Have a nice day.
I make for a wonderful Customer Service representative. My customers never have anything negative to say about their experience with me!

The ones who do...



To say.

I make for a wonderful Customer Service representative. My customers never have anything negative to say about their experience with me!

The ones who do...



To say.


Well.... that's an interesting angle. Happy New Year?

I logged in just so I could like this.

After reading the entire thread, I did the same! I was distracted by the title from checking on a connectivity issue.

...I try to take things onto consideration when its MY turn to be the customer. Even the smallest things can make a difference in someone else's day.

Try to remember that. :-)

Regardless of whether you are the customer or the service rep, ask yourself if you'd appreciate being treated the way you're treating people. That's why it's the Golden Rule.

Thanks for posting, everyone, it was well worth the read!
I make for a wonderful Customer Service representative. My customers never have anything negative to say about their experience with me!

The ones who do...



To say.


Well.... that's an interesting angle. Happy New Year?

Why, thank you - same to you!
This reminds me of my very first job, like many teenagers in this country it was exploring the 'joys' of fast food. Not always the most rewarding job but you definitely learned to deal with a bunch of BS head on.

My boss was a savvy man and always had us make a note of name and address when we sent out free coupons for messed up orders. If a name started cropping up often we'd have a quick management meeting and watch for this person/group coming through. They often went the drive-up route and although it was standard to read a person's order back and to give them a receipt we'd go the extra mile when one of these folks showed up. We'd read it back at the order box and then again at the window while taking the money and again while handing them the order and would triple-check the bag before handing it out. We'd keep a copy of the receipt and inevitably they'd call within ten minutes or so ranting and raving about their messed up order. We'd placate them by assuring them management would get back to them - and usually if it was a person with a proven pattern of calling frequently to claim messed-up orders and demanding free food and they'd gone through the triple window-check method a couple of times, our manager would tell them that they were afraid we did not have the ability to meet their standards and we were no longer going to try and asked them to perhaps try another restaurant.

I miss that guy ...

I have to admit I am still mind-blown someone would think Blizzard would pay for a second unnecessary account. That just reeks of massive entitlement on a scale I can't even fathom. Apparently someone's super-ego got beaten up by their id? XD

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