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Due to your valiant efforts in protecting the key invasion cities, the four boss portals are now 'permanently' open. If you need anything from inside the portals, or maybe you dropped your keys in there, now is the time to go through and get them.

Initial reports from shaman in the area that were available at time of publishing suggest that this is hinting at something far more sinister. One such shaman, a one 'Krunkmaster' from Proudmoore was quoted as saying "This is hinting at something far more sinister."


You'll want to stay tuned to the World of Warcraft community site for the latest developments on this and other events.
The games afoot!
You know...I find this to be a coincidence that you are talking about...fire. OR maybe it is just me.
*Deathwing passes over Stormwind*
I wonder if I can get my mage to 80 and take advantage of this... (he's 44 at the moment)

Probably not. But I'm going to try!
I call your bluff, fine sir.

I'm certain now that we've given these elemental invanders a serious thrashing, nothing else bad will happen.

Let me rephrase: "Things were bad, but now they're good! Forever!"
4.0.3a? tomorrow????
Proudmoore represent!

or something
This is the new definition of welfare epics.

LMAO, not like they are going to be useful in what... two weeks?
please 4.0.3a tommorow. please. :)

grab your brooms! we got some farming to do!
this seems like a HUGE sign that 4.03a is tomorrow.
*Adjusts monocle* My dear boys, I believe I read this wrong. The elemental portals, which I've worked for several MINUTES to open during some particular elemental invasions have been opened permanently?

Most good, most good.
A shame the permanent portals is only happening for such a short time, unless of course it continues after the patch tomorrow
Woot, Guess this means 4.0.3A will go live.
4.0.3a? tomorrow????

Spidey sense is tingling...

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