Elemental Portal Fire Sale

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Fire sale. All fire 50% off. I think yes.
Oh thats where my keys went
Try visiting the auction house, bank, and mailbox in one or more of the following cities:

Silvermoon City
The Exodar

They seem to so far be unaffected by the major elemental invasions currently plaguing several other cities across Azeroth.

[EDIT: This was intended as a reply to "Mordrêd", who asked about the disappearing services during the attacks.]
Question to Bashiok: In my server the Ironforge Elemental Invasion is superbugged and cannot be completed. Does this mean that the event is gone and all the people who could not complete the event in their servers because it was bugged (Thunder Bluff included) will have to suck up to it, or you are still keeping the events for a little longer in those realms where there were problems?

Thanks a lot.

PD: I foresee people saying "NO HOW CAN YOU ASK FOR THAT I ALREADY COMPLETED IT", that's why I'm talking about only those servers where the events in Ironforge and Thunder Bluff are bugged.
And we live happily ever after...Until Deathwing sprays us all with lava and we die in screaming agony! :D
i was wonderin why they were up so long
Now finally people will be able to stand in the fire and not get yelled at for once.
I better not log out and end up in the secret cow level again!
So, being one of the "last things" I needed was the quest for the Prince, will I still be able to turn it in at Thunder Bluff once the servers come back up, or are we screwed if we didn't get all 4 quests done before you opened the floodgates?

Couldn't turn it in yesterday due to the "fire sale" having all elementals all the time and the NPC phased out.
....Ponders Kill order as the bosses emerge from the open portals...On Tanks count!!
4.0.3 A? When has a patch ever had a letter after it? You guys make up the weirdest stuff.

It's a Canadian patch.

Its about time we're getting a sale on fire, I was beginning to run out of mine.

Then again, I heard from a reliable source that Deathwing is just handing fire out practically free! (and apparently a nifty Feat.)
yay, now I can farm with my non-tanking/healing classes.

Also, I would LOVE tha ability to queue for multiple elemental bosses at once, just like with dungeons.
Has it been confirmed that these portals will still be open post-Shattering? I have a couple alts who need some gear. Like what is the expected time frame?
Deathwing's coming! Look busy!

..now where did I put that Onyxia Scale Cloak?
/rummages through bags
I'm not sure if this has already been answered, but will the 4 bosses be available still after the shattering patch today or are they also gone along with the elementals?
This otta be fun.

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