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Guild Recruitment
Server: Wildhammer
Faction: Horde
Time Zone: CST
Schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:30-10:30pm CST
Website: www.hallowed-guild.net
Mainly Recruiting: Death Knight (Frost/Tank), Shaman (Ele), Warlock. These are for main raid spots, if you earn your spot you will not be sat on the bench.

*Note this raid schedule is for all 10 man and 25 man content. Once content is on farm the schedule becomes a lot shorter. Raids are rarely ever extended past 11pm and are only done so on an optional basis. If we are close to downing a new progression boss we will ready check to see who can stay and will continue if we can.

**Having a geared ALT is a plus. We run regular 25 man and 10 man alt runs, and many of our members play their alts at a top end. Please state in your app if you have an alt that you would like to have included in these runs. These runs are 100% optional and have nothing to do with main raid in terms of attendance and loot. Most of the time the alt runs are on main raid days after all content is cleared with the main group.

Monday, Friday, and Saturday are and will always be off nights, unless for any optional ALT runs that may be set up.

25 man Naxxramas: Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas
25 man Sartharion: Realm First! Obsidian Slayer, Sarth 3D killed December 20th, 2008
25 man Malygos: Realm First! The Magic Seeker, Heroic: You Don’t Have An Eternity U.S. 87th(When it was still 5 minutes)
10 man Sartharion 3 Drake: U.S. top 50
25 man Ulduar: Realm First! The Celestial Defender. Realm First! Death’s Demise. Completed Ulduar 108th in the U.S.
25 man Trial of the Grand Crusader: Realm First!: Grand Crusader and A Tribute to Immortality completed
25 man Icecrown Citadel: Currently 12/12 Normal 12/12 Lich King Heroic down U.S. 63rd
10 man Icecrown Citadel: Multiple groups clearing 12/12 Heroic and have Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher completed in multiple groups
25 Man Heroic Halion down U.S. 60th

About Us:
We are a laid back group of players from all reaches of the globe that enjoy ripping through new content the second it is released. Hallowed has been a raiding guild for over 2 years. We have a tight nit group of raiders that’s main core has progressed through all of the Burning Crusade content and current WoTLK content with realm first kills for nearly all bosses. Farm raids are laid back and filled with people having fun and joking around, but when it comes down to progression we take care of business. We love to raid and have a great time clearing new content with other competent raiders. We are a zero drama guild. If any drama arises we immediately handle it and assure it does not occur again.

Our members are constantly pushing to improve their character and doing anything they can to maximize their personal output in raids. Whether it be by re-gemming completely, researching their class consistently, or just working on improving their play style. We have many players that compete for top spots on the WMO/WOL leader boards and as a guild we have held many of the fastest kills for bosses including World 3rd fastest Hodir, World 4th fastest Sartharion 3D, World 10th fastest Patchwerk and many more. Most everyone here is very competitive and we are looking for people that share our same mindset.

Our main goal as a guild is to progress through new content at the fastest possible speed and push to become a top ranked guild in the U.S. With this main goal in mind we have quickly climbed up the rankings and transformed into a guild that is capable of competing in the U.S. top 50 with the goal of pushing even higher. If you do not like to wipe on new bosses over and over again in hopes of getting it down or you cry for EZ modes so we can just be done already then this is not the guild for you.

In the short term our goal is to continue adding stellar players to our roster and hit Cataclysm at full force.

What we look for in our recruits:

Individual Skill: This is the first thing we judge on when a new recruit joins the guild. You should have a very in depth understanding of your class and be 100% focused at all times during raids. If you cannot handle complicated boss mechanics while continuing to perform at maximum output then please do not apply. We are only wanting extremely skilled raiders to help us progress at the level we are capable of and learning new fights very quickly is a must.

We enjoy being around people who have a positive attitude and a sense of humor to go with it. We encourage everyone to participate in discussions on vent and raids will be much more fun for you if you are getting involved, We highly discourage raid loggers who are on 1 minute before the raid and gone 1 minute after it’s over. We have a large group of members that are always running something such as, old school raids, arenas and battlegrounds so like minded players are preferred. You must be able to handle criticism and if you under perform it will happen, but in the end constructive criticism should help you become a better player.

Our guild that leads by example and acting like a jackass in guild or in trade chat is not tolerated and only serves one purpose, detracting from our guilds goals. We are not ***##**s and are always willing to help other players in guild or out of guild if they have a question and you should be too.

This is a huge factor in your ability to become a core raider. We have a strict raid schedule and are only looking for people that not only can make the majority of our raids(90% minimum attendance) but actually WANT be there for all of the raids. Whether we are doing a new boss or farming an old one for the 100th time you should have a good attitude about being included in the raid.

We do however understand that for most people a schedule can change at a moments notice. We do try to work around this, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. In this case we would find a replacement for the time being until your real life situation is resolved.

At this point in our progression we are only looking for raiders in a mix of Heroic/Non-Heroic 25 man ICC gear, however gear can only carry you so far and we will judge you based on your skill more than your gear. Being a little behind on the gear curve is not a huge issue.

With this being said we only accept people that we can see have put the time into their character to get them raid ready and are not just looking for free handouts. You should, at the very least, be properly gemmed and enchanted before applying. Nothing stands out more than someone who does not know how to maximize their class with enchants and gems.

What is expected of you once you become a recruit:
-Must use ventrilo and have a working mic (Don’t have to talk all the time but you can’t be afraid to call out that you are squeezed by one of yogg’s tentacles of doom if necessary)
-Always looking for ways to improve your character and become a better raider
-Be on time for raid invites and maintain 90% raid attendance
-Have all addons fully working and installed without interfering with the raid, aswell as have any addons the guild requires you to have.
-Know every individual fight before you zone in. Even if you have never done the fight, You should research it before going to the raid.
-Stable internet that doesn’t dc you regularly
-Stable computer that doesn’t lock up

If you feel you fit what we are looking for please apply on our site:


Feel free to contact one of our officers (Dakel, Gadaris or Dievot) in a PM on our site or in game.

Thank you for taking the time to read our thread.
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