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Guild Recruitment
If you've been waiting for the opportunity to start fresh and meet new people...rolling on a new server is the perfect time! We are forming the guild before launch to give everyone some time to get to know each other, figure out what classes to roll and which professions to level so we can hit the ground running.

** Just to make things clear, we are rolling on a NEW server at the release of Cataclsym. **

The Basics

Faction: Alliance

Server Type: PVP is our first choice...but if one isn't opened, then we will go with PVE

Time Zone: We prefer Central, Eastern being our second choice

Play-style: Casual-core, meaning we will be serious and get stuff done when it's raid time without making a second job out of it

End-game Focus: Raiding. We will of course do guild Battlegrounds, but PVE is our focus


This guild will be not be organized like most others. Instead, our members will be split into squads, with a squad leader at the head of each. I believe that this structure will allow for everyone to get their questions answered, opinions heard, and generally receive any help they need in a more timely manner. Our roster will not be small, nor will it be very large (200+). My goal is to have enough active members so whenever someone logs on, there are ALWAYS people willing to run dungeons/quest/pvp etc.


Atrocity is being lead by two life-long best friends. Matt has been playing WoW off and on since Nov 05 and was in one of the top guilds on Thrall (A-US) during the Pre-BC days. After he realized how much Burning Crusades sucked he took a little break. When he returned he brought Stephen with him. Stephen very quickly got addicted and has been playing religiously since that day. The only thing that kept him from his beloved WoW was a tour in Iraq.

Enough about us though, this is what we offer and expect from you if you decide to take up a leadership role in Atrocity:

Officer - This person is at the right hand of the guild leaders. They are responsible for assisting in the daily maintenance of the guild and enforcing the guild's policies. They help the squad leaders with whatever they need and answer only to the guild leaders.

Recruitment Officer - Same as an officer, but specializing in the recruiting and maintaining of initiates. Your job is to find qualified people and introduce them to the awesome that is Atrocity. Once they have entered the initiate stage it will be your job to act as their squad leader. Once you have decided that they are ready for membership, you will vote on their acceptance or denial with the guild leaders.

Squad Leader - The squad leaders are in charge of helping each of his members with whatever they may need. They are what separates us from all of the other guilds and I believe they will help keep the guild together through WoW and whatever else Atrocity decides to dominate.

Member - After proving they have what it takes, the Initiate is promoted to the core rank of Member. Without you, we would not be possible. Your roles are few but very important nonetheless. You are expected to be ACTIVE and treat others with respect.

Initiate - This person has answered the call and decided to join what will be known as the greatest guild on our server of choice. Your probationary period will last as long as you want it to. Once you have proven that you have what it takes, you will be voted on by the leaders and officers.


If you are interested in becoming a founding member, you can reach me by:

replying to this post

signing up on our forums (www.atrocity.us)

emailing me (cianyde@gmail.com)

Thank you for your interest in joining Atrocity!

Guild Master
Hi there,

I am extremely interested in joining your guild once you roll, and I think that you have some extremely awesome ideas. I am looking for a new home (to re-roll and transfer one of my 80's to), as all of my friends stopped playing sometime during this expansion, and I myself recently came back after a year long hiatus.

You can e-mail me (or contact me in-game via RealID) at hijaxie@sbcglobal.net. I'd love to help you get started on your new realm!
Sending you an email now, thank you for your interest!
How is everyone today?
I suck at Black Ops.
We're MC Raiders.
I rule @ black ops. Are you going to roll on a new sever today if they offer it?
We sure are, that's what we keep checking on. But of course the servers are down all day.
Just sent you an email Matt. Hope to be part of the Atrocity faithful!
13 days 8 hours 6 minutes
Why won't it let me post?
It finally went through.
13 days 2 hours 51 minutes
13 days 42 minutes
Happy early Thanksgiving!
and a happy early thanksgiving to you too!
12 days 10 hours and 37 minutes until the end of my social life.
Has blizzard confirmed that new servers will be released with cataclysm?
They never do, but they have with every expansion. If there was ever a time where a new server would be opened, I believe Cataclysm is it for several reasons.

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