Yogg Saron bugged?

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I just got out of an Ulduar 25, and we did a yogg 0 again, and for those that have done yogg saron before, you know that he spawns the green beams at random locations... well when he spawns them they have about 2 seconds before they start moving around...

What happened today was that they spawned and started moving imidiately rather then waiting a couple seconds then move... im wondering if anybody else experienced this ''issue or bug'' any help would be greatly appeciated.

thx, Catastrophi
have you looked in the bug forums to see if anyone has reported this issue?
no i havent, but i guess i will do that now, but i assume some1 possibly posted it here because it may not be a bug but rather a changed mechanic.
bump, still looking for answers.
That in itself doesn't really break the encounter. To my knowledge, the beams weren't an issue in my guild's downing of Yogg tonight.
Killed Yogg tonight, didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary.

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