[A] <Silent Temerity> PvE and PvP

<Silent Temerity> is a Cataclysm guild founded by players that are both new and have played for years. Our goals are simple: creating a social and friendly atmosphere for both PvE and PvP while starting fresh for the Cataclysm launch.

We don't require members to participate in both PvE and PvP; in fact if you dislike PvP or you think raiding is boring, then just don't participate in these activities. We want you to do what you enjoy doing in the company of likeminded players.

We plan on progressing through 10-man raiding content as soon as possible after Cataclysm launches. We also plan on progressing in arenas and rated battlegrounds. Most importantly though, we are attracting players who are guild members first, raiders and pvp partners second.

WE are currently looking to recruit an officer for our guild that is interested in leading rated battlegrounds with the release of Cataclysm. We are currently in the process of recruiting more PvP oriented members, and look to have a healthy base of 20+ that fit that description.

If this is something you have an interest in doing, please head over to our website (http://www.SilentTemerity.com) and fill out an application. Additionally, you can send me an in game tell (Righty, Indecisíve, Nickles, Badpanda or Cauh).

Thanks for your consideration!

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