What will you do first?

When the sundering happens what will you do first...

Personally i wanna go to the top of blackrock mountains and get thunder stormed off it while spamming levitate/Slowfall and see how far i get
Wouldn't Hyjal be higher? I know the new zone isn't there, but the mountain sure is.
There are two new pets

At 7am this morning I ran around jumping and casting scorch while mickyflipping.

Nelf mage is pimp

Edit: One day ill get a new avatar to match
New Stormwind is awesome! Idle for life
sooooo did anyone else spend ages looking for flight master's licence only to find out we couldn't get it yet? >_>

By the way this is my best birthday present of the day. second to scoring baron mount. man what a good day this has been.

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