The Night Owl Thread

Wyrmrest Accord
So anyone else unable to sleep from the excitement that is 4.0.3a?
7:30pm here, hoping I can sleep through the entire downtime and wake up just in time to see that it's been extended another four hours.
I don't usually fall asleep till 6-7am. I hope I will sleep through most of the downtime or I'll be anxious like a little kid waiting to open presents on Christmas...
I secretly don't believe it's going live tonight. But I figure I'll stick around to glare.
I'm not up due to excitement I just lack the common sense to fall asleep at a decent hour.
<slaughters turkeys while she's up>
ah well I'm contemplating sleep I mean if I can actually fall asleep I will
2 am server (5am EST) here.

Just woke up and popped on to check for any new d/l's.

Yeah, that's it. No harm in that. Right?

/drags himself back to bed
I wonder if I just keep my launcher open it'll apply itself when the time is right
I finished my final paper for my humanities class and then collapsed, was way to exhausted to pull an all nighter. I'd be lying, however, if i said i wasn't excited.
Watching the 1995 mini-series version of Pride and Prejudice before bed. I've spent the last half-hour shouting at my screen for Darcy and Lizzie to just frigging kiss already, GOD.
I just got back from a rather sticky date. Now I'm unsure whether to sleep or wait for the servers to come back on...
There's not enough red in this thread!

Couldn't stay up too late last night, I've got class in the morning. Oh well. Hope the servers are up when I get home from class :D
How many hours is it till the servers are actually up? I might take a nap..

Fell asleep around 1am CST, and just woke up now that it's 7am. My anxiety levels are off the charts.
How many hows is it till the servers are actually up? I might take a nap..

Six hours at least, provided there isn't an extension (which there probably will be).

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