Why force PvP on PvE servers?

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Many WoW players absolutely love PvP.

Many WoW players absolutely hate PvP.

One of the main reasons why I have played WoW since mid-vanilla days is that, unlike most other MMORPGs, WoW lets me choose to PvP or NOT to PvP.

The overall philosophy in WoW seems to have always been to let players choose to engage in, or not to engage in, PvP. Players may exercise this choice by choosing an appropriate server type (PvP or "normal") and, on Normal servers, by explicitly opting in to PvP by self-flagging, doing BG's, joining an Arena team, fighting for Wintergrasp, doing optional PvP achievements such as For The Horde/Alliance, etc. But it has always been "player's choice" on PvE servers.

So why, given the long-standing philosophy of allowing players to opt in or opt out of PvP, does a simple world event like Pilgrim's Week, which basically mimics real-world Thanksgiving celebrations, force players on "Normal" (PvE) servers into involuntary PvP by locating the Pilgrim's tables so close to opposite-faction cities that players are auto-flagged before even reaching the tables to eat?

The tables outside of Stormwind are fine. I was able to walk up, put on my Pilgrim's outfit, sit down and complete the eating objective ("Spirit of Sharing") unmolested. I expected a similar experience outside of Ironforge- but I failed to consider Blizz's insistence on forcing players into involuntary PvP even on PvE servers- just before reaching the furthest table from Ironforge's gates, alone, I was involuntarily flagged and instantly killed by approximately 3,286 Alliance players who were camping the site waiting for us unsuspecting Hordies. It didn't help that I was forced to dress in zero-stats Pilgrim Attire for the achievement and therefore much weakened in terms of fighting back- in addition to being alone against literally hundreds of Alliance players.

Why does the game insist on needlessly and pointlessly overriding our express PvP choices in cases like these? Why do we need to be forced into involuntary PvP to complete a peaceful achievement like giving thanks and sharing a meal? The Pilgrims tables should be down the hill where Brewfest takes place, not 5 feet from the entrance to the city and NPC guards where we are force-flagged and insta-ganked just by approaching.

Please, dear Blizz, fix this going forward and respect our express choice to opt-in, OR OPT-OUT, of PvP on Normal servers.

Thank you for your kind reply, which has completely missed, and does not address, the point.
I know what you mean, but I am unsympathetic.
Why do they force PvP only players to do PvE to get Achievements? Because they are not forcing anyone to do anything. If you want the achievement then you have to do some stuff you don't like. If you don't have fun with it, don't do it. Otherwise just suck it up and deal. I hate PvP ... with a passion. It's the most retarded thing to see a perfectly working PvE skill killed because it was "OP" in PvP. However, I still PvP for my achievements. I just deal with it. Doesn't take long and it is rewarding.
lol at this

Some people chose to kill the native Americans after they helped with our survival. I think this event reflects Thanksgiving accurately.
It's sort of the price you pay when you hope to get that achievement done.

Last year, I was killed in the Undercity, where the tables were well inside the PvP-flagging area. I shrugged, ran back in, sat down quickly, and got the hell out of Dodge.

My advice to you? Don't sweat it. Getting flagged momentarily isn't going to ruin your day. And if it really ends up being that bothersome for you, perhaps you should just skip the achievement.
Pyrophobia, tell me why I had to deal with dying about 30 times trying to get the undercity table because elite NPCs that could detect stealth and players were camping the tables making it near-impossible for me to get a seat. Tell me why the horde didn't leave me alone.
If you didn't like Ironforge. I'd hate to think what you thought of running through Darnassus to get to their table!
Clicking on a chair is not pvp.
For the 10 points thats needed you dont need to eat fully just sit down and eat one piece of something then leave. I am on a pvp server and it wasnt that hard to get being that at peek times horde outnumber ally 2:1
Somehow I don't equate getting flagged-and-smoked qualifies as "forced participation in PVP". At worst, it's a repair bill.

Clicking on a chair is not pvp.

But since I got both of the "flag me" tables without a scratch, I suspect the op simply needed to plan better.

You volunteered to participate in this "forced" PVP by voluntarily pursuing the achievement, by the way.
The simple answer is that you aren't forced to do anything. You have a choice. If you want the achievement, you make a choice to enter a PvP situation.

Basically you're complaining about not having the choice you already have. Don't want to be flagged for PvP, don't go for the achievement.

Not that hard to understand really.

There has been encouragement of pvp on all servers since the beginning. Sometimes its by having a battleground objective part of something that's not really attached to battlegrounds like the school of hard knocks. Then there are world pvp objectives, Hallows End was like that early.

It's a bit of a carrot and a stick to try and get players to broaden there horizon a bit.

As for your current conundrum, your posting at 4:30am pst, that is a fantastic time to get some of those achievements done.

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