The Tauradin Welcome Thread

They are going to arrive tonight right? Let's prepare a welcoming committee and see who will be the first tauradin to ever post on these forums!

I for one welcome our new hulkling horned pinky tauradin overlords.
Red Bull gives you... wait for it...
I'll try but right now they aren't letting me buy a race change. I'll have to wait until servers are up I guess.
Welcome Tauradins
Too bad Taurens and Paladins are very srs bsns about this light and mother earth business. I heard they'll throw a party with free dwarven ale on the shaman forums.
Let me fire up the grill...
I am just waiting for the chance to race change then it is on.

Edit: Change paid for, now to wait.
Let me fire up the grill...

Mmmmm Retbull burgers and Tauradin steaks. :D
Tauradins are welcome here :)
Thanks for the welcome! Funny, my armory says Tauren Paladin but my picture shows a belf...and not the belf I was before. o.O
Welcome Tauren Paladins, hopefully you'll make our tier sets look more bad@ss.

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