Curse You Blizzard!

For... not letting me put my race change in yet ><. Is anyone else excited about race changing? =D

Oh, and would anyone happen to know if I have to wait until servers come up? Cause, I'd love to have it put in and processed for when servers come up, and I'm getting tired of refreshing the race change page every 20 minutes ;)
Bus, what are you changing to?!?!?!?

I don't think the new races are available yet. Are you going troll?

And uh, yeah, I can't wait to make my DK a wolfie. The racials are absurd.

Not sure what's going on with the race changing scenario currently, but it's apparently down whilst the servers are under maintenance.
Yeah, I'm going troll mons ;).

I figured as much, although I was hoping I could beat the rush. /Sigh, I suppose this is better than trying to change on the 7th while all of the goblin/worgens are doing the same.

Off-Topic: They took some of my achievements away and dropped me sub-5k points D: I was kinda proud of that >,<.
I'm sorry to say this guys, but race changes are not going to be available untill Cata :( you can roll new characters with new combinations, just not change old ones - here's a blue post on that
If you read further down, you'll see this:

Paid Race/Faction Change to the new class combos will be available as soon as they are available to create (with the release of 4.0.3a)

This is an update to the previous expected functioning of this service. We're in the process of ensuring everyone here has this latest updated information, just know that this is what's now accurate. :)

lol, hoist by my own petard. well that's good news :) in this case I'm guessing it will be available once servers come up?
Race Change is now in! Anyone else who wants to go ahead and put theres in for when the servers go up should jump on it as soon as possible to avoid to long of a que ;).

Now to wait on Blizzard to fix our server!
during wrath's launch, i think it took like 30 sec for race changes even during the initial launch (first week). So, unless they really changed something, I don't think it will be that long of a wait no matter when you do it.
I'm staying a Tauren. Troll feral forms look silly to me, even if Batform is neat.

Besides, female tauren are just so cuddly!


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