How to deal with a GOOD rogue?

Hi guys,

First off, this is not a QQ thread about rogues. Most rogues, like 9 out of 10 are ez as hell and I roftlstomp them.

However there is the 1 out of 10 rogues who really know how to play that give me trouble. I was dueling my rogue buddy last night and really struggled to counteract his CC. Granted he is a very skilled player, a few 80s and has been playing since Vanilla.

Each duel would start with a sap, followed by I believe the spell is called Garrote? my buddy has a glyph that increases garrotes silence to like 4 seconds. So from the get-go im silenced and therfore I cannot heal, HoJ, AS, or anything. I usually get off 1 CS just to get 1 holy power but after that he stuns me again with cheap shot I think. By the time I'm out of that stun, I'm at 10-20% HP so obviously FoL is my next spell. Everytime it's about to finish, he uses Kick to interrupt it and silence me again. Ugh, just so frustrating when I can't even get a spell off. Is there any way to counter act that massive CC strategy. I tried running away during the silence to get out of range, but of course he uses Crippling Poison to snare me! The few times I do get HoJ off he just uses his PvP trinket to get out of. (I've tried using my PvP trinket too and those are the duels I won, but the 5 minute cooldown is killer :( )

Any suggestions on how to deal with a rogue who knows how to use their CC abilities would be greatly appreciated.

1) whenever possible, never let a rogue get behind you.
2) learn to strafe
3) use your defensive CD's when needed.
4)always watch where a rogue tries to vanish if your fast enough you can AoE and pop them out.
5) never trinket sap... thats just asking to be kidney shot.
6)lvl 80 pvp trinket is on a 2 min CD hurry and level to 80.

the whole thing with rogues is surviving, they do alot of little damage instead of big numbers. if they want to fight you give them 100% face time don't ignore them and stay on their asses wherever they go.
Rogues, and any class with high controlling capabilities, are quite brutal in PvP combat against targets with little-to-no resilience. As is your case, you won't survive through the initial burst because you're taking way too much incoming damage, that which is normally alleviated by resilience. Until you reach level 80 and gain Relentless/Wrathful Gladiator gear (which I honestly do not recommend, since Cataclysm is right around the corner), you will be squishy not only against Rogues but any competent player in general.

At end-game PvP, you should be very capable of defeating Rogues one-on-one, especially as a Protection Paladin.
Assuming you're spec'd Prot for duels too, Rogues shouldn't give you too much trouble. And you indicate they usually don't so that's good. As others have mentioned, prior to having any resilience rogues are more dangerous. They can frontload a lot of damage, putting you into defensive mode. But you're Prot, playing defensively should come as second nature.

A couple quick observations about rogues. First, their spec is going to make a world of difference against a Prot Pally. Mutilate rogues can be a bit more dangerous because their poisons hit hard and ignore your armor. Sub rogues have bleeds, but their bleeds are still pretty underwhelming, and their main strength is mobility. Mobility doesn't help much against you.

For PvP, you should have Dazing Shield and Focused shield, so you can snare them right back if they try to cripple and bleed kite you. Between the shield Daze and HoF you should be able to stay on top of them. Even if you can't, AS and Imp Judgements will allow you to do pretty decent damage to the rogue from range, and keep him in combat so he can't restealth. Also remember, that when silenced with Garrote, you can still use CS and HotR. They're physical attacks, so you can use them while silenced to build Holy Power.

It may suck with the next patch, but also keep in mind you have WoG to heal yourself without casting. Worry about staying alive vs a rogue, the longer the fight lasts, the better your chances of winning. A rogue will never outlast you.

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