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Hello all.
I have not played prot seriously since BC. I have been waiting for a better computer and better fps. Now that I have it I have respecced and I am going to spend the next couple of weeks before cata getting used to the new rotation etc.
I am looking for hints to rotation and spec. I am using Judgement CS and HotR to build HP, and SoR at three HP, my rotation is clunky tho so any help would be appreciated. I use consecration as well, but I noticed it is not as effective because of the nerf :-(

Any help and hint appreciated.
CS/HotR on cooldown, to maximize ShoR/WoG

with Judgement, Holy Wrath (yes even on single targets), Avenging Shield, and consecration as fillers.

when you do it right you use every GCD
I would not even use Consecrate on single target.
I would not even use Consecrate on single target.

it's the lowest priority, but it beats a wasted GCD

and if you're using judgement right the mana shouldn't be an issue
Seal of Truth correct?

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