is it ok to use macro toolkit?

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hello all,

i have seen some pretty complex (and decent looking) macros posted on some sites that say i need an addon called 'macro toolkit' to use them.
seems to allow beyond the 255 characters. so i am wondering if it is ok to use this or not in the game?
silly question but why would an addon allow you to go beyond numbers of characters dictated in the game . . .
If it can run as an addon, and you're not using it to cheat, harass, or otherwise exploit the game in some manner, it should be fine. There are some exceptions, but gm's are normally pretty good with them if you genuinely didn't know.

As for why you'd need more.. you can actually run the addon commands inside a macro. "/run ReloadUI;" will cause your screen to reload, for example. Once you start putting in the basic stuff like loops or other control structures, filters and so forth, 255 characters becomes very, very limiting. Most people don't use macros for anything significant, so there's no reason to increase the sized, but some people make things like guild cleansing scripts, bank organisers, etc that could benefit from it.
well i saw some interesting ways of maybe improving macros i am using to attack with. maybe i will send an ingame mail to a gm if i can. funny thing, lately, for some reason i have found the interface design to submit problems etc is this wacky imcomprehensible mess. maybe this is meant to prevent me from submitting issues etc lol.

and yes, 255 is very limiting.
As long as 1 key stroke per action occurs in-game any macro should be fine with or without the use of an add-on
I want to see what kind of macro would require more than 255 chars.
As long as 1 key stroke per action occurs in-game any macro should be fine with or without the use of an add-on

Wait... You're saying you have to push one button for every one spell?
well i would paste some examples in here, but if it is against the rules i should not. the addon is on curse, usually i think the stuff on curse is fairly legit.

hope somebody will chime in who uses it and knows it's ok to use
If it's accessible from the macro menu (usually /m or /macro), it's fine.

If it's a lua addon you install into your interface\addons folder, it's fine.

If it's a third party executable... might not be fine.
I personally use Macro Toolkit. I have not had any bans or anything..

I do not take advantage of the 255+ character rule that it allows you to break.. but that's partially because I have not needed a macro that has been anywhere NEAR that long.

I have been playing a lot of new classes lately. trying to get some characters higher level for WoD since I don't have much else to do til then as I don't raid.

This addon is incredibly helpful with syntax as it works similar to notepad++, as well as copying macros from other characters over.

The 255 rule would be at your discretion. whether or not it breaks rules will be for you to figure out, but if you don't use macros that get that long, it won't matter regardless.

It doesn't allow you to do anything with a macro that the regular macro window wouldn't allow, aside from the character limit.
ah ty much unclescar. i will give it a try. i hope i can change the font and size in the interface unlike the native wow macro interface. i really find the wow macro interface to be really awful honestly in terms of legibility etc lol
From the addon's description:

Macro Shortening

Macro Toolkit will attempt to shorting your macros without affecting functionality. It does by looking for the shortest options for each command used, removing unnecessary spaces and optionally replacing known common Lua script functions with Macro Toolkit commands. This is more involved than it may sound, so it's worth checking that nothing has been removed that you kinda wanted left alone once you've used this function.

So, from the sounds of it, it does a few things to shorten your macros:

-It checks for wasted white space. For example, if you include a space after a comma or semicolon, it removes it.

-It checks for shorter aliases for any commands you are using. For example "/w" and "/whisper" are the same thing; if you use "/whisper", it replaces it with "/w".

-Just like other addons can create their own slash commands (for example, I use SpartanUI. It adds the slash command "/sui" to bring up its config window.), it creates short slash commands that it replaces common functions. Since I don't know what functions are replaced, I can't really give examples, but basically, it would involve creating shorter aliases, so that it can do the same sort of thing accomplished by the above change.
However, since its using slash commands created by the addon, any macros affected by this particular change will not function if they're used on a computer without Macro Toolkit, or if you remove the addon. Macros only affected by the first two changes will continue to function, even without the addon.

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