Awww my guild bank.

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Myself, my boyfriend, and his buddy all share a guild bank. The buddy quit last month... but he logged into StarCraft II earlier this week to watch replays and tonight his WoW account appeared and started emptying the bank ^^

We're in contact with the friend and having him call support, and he of course needs at least to do a scan >:| In the mean time I've tossed all his characters out of the guild, and put in a GM ticket detailing what was stolen, asking very politely for it back.

Is there anything else I need to do to get our stuff back, or is it just a sit and wait thing at the moment?
It seems like you've done what you can, however I would get the person who's account was comprimised to email blizzard as well since it was his account that was comprimised. Once that's been done it's all a waiting game ^_^

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