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I’m really curious what the general consensus is about our Mastery.

As Holy Healadin, I’m looking for opinions and theory’s about how useful it can be. For example I put 2 pts into mastery on my PvP/Wrathful by losing a bit of critical, to see if I healed myself in a BG would I see those 8 seconds of protection. Beneficial? In a raid environment keeping the “shield” on the tank, something I should practice? How much are you reforging for? Just an opinion and informational thread, not a reason to kick me in the teeth for not “searching”, I did a cursory search and wasn’t finding the information useful, its other paladin healer opinions I am interested in.
It will be beneficial with the new buffs to it, though don't go out of your way to reforge for it. The new gear come cata will have some on it, giving you a decent amount of mastery for it to be useful. as for shielding the tanks, I wouldn't go crazy about it as constantly going back to slap a shield on them would be troublesome if you are also helping to heal the raid.

Though feel free to post some more input, I would like to expand my view on our mastery
I’m really curious what the general consensus is about our Mastery.

It's great. I love blocking more often.

... What?
We were once told that mastery was supposed to be a game changing stat.
Then we saw what mastery actually was for holy.
Mastery is going to be game changing just like all the plate crit/mp5 gear in icc. You are going to avoid it like the plague, look at new tier gear sets, and throw your hands in the hair because all the gear has mastery on it.

Unlike Crit or mana regeneration, Blizzard can easily change the definition of what Mastery does for a Holy paladin at any time. I have a feeling they'll adjust it so that it's useful.

... wait, "throw your hands in the hair"?
Now 10% starting and +1.25% per point invested and increased duration.

Im imagining 5 pts or so reforging might actually be useful in some content.

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