This made me /chuckle

Moon Guard
Most of the changes to the cities focus on Ogrimmar and Stormwind, with slight sprinklings elsewhere. Is Deathwing trying to drop a hint that even he doesn't want to visit The Exodar?

TC: Yeah... I think that's what he's trying to say. Just happened to not be along his desired flight path.

[more laughing]

TC: You know, he wants to do the maximum destruction that people are actually going to notice, and Deathwing noticed that there aren't as many people in some of those cities, so what's the point in terrorizing that?

Glad Im not the only one who avoids that purplish-pink radiated nightmare.

I love the Exodar, and go there as much as I can. It's such a pretty city.
The reason why Deathwing didn't do anything to Northrend is because he couldn't afford Cold Weather Flying.
If I was to make some changes it'd be to progress the Blood Elf and Draenei starting zones.

Blood Elves would work on exterminating the last of the scourge and rebuilding. The Dead Scar would be paved over and Deathholme turned into a new quest hub.

The Draenei quests would focus on dragging fallen pieces of the ship back to the city. In the end the Exodar is completely repaired.
Sounds like another lazy excuse from the devs. Seriously, these guys are pros at laughing away issues, bugs and things that would generally make sense that are totally ignored.

Seems the only way you'll get them to change anything these days is by humiliating them in front of hundreds.

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