Rolling a 'lock post-Shattering

I've always wanted one, you see.

I had a level 36 semi-useless one, but with the improved 1-60 leveling it should be much more fun to level.

Anything to expect?
Pretty much expect alot of negative attention. People will generally agree that this class is one of the harder (if not hardest) to play *well* in a pvp/pve environment. It was super hard to level as well (at least when i lvled). Basically every other class is a downhill stroll since i started out playing on such a vastly intricate (OMG SO MUCH BUTTUNZZZ) and yet fun to play toon.

I thought that the wrath rotation was hard to get down perfectly (I would go through each spec multiple times mastering each one until I found a favorite, until I settled with demo), until patch hit and BOOM, even the easier spec was pretty challenging to master. But once you have everything worked out nothing feels better than literally combining 7+ different spells into an uber face melting combo.

While lvling you really have to plan things out because if you make a mistake and aggro 1 more mob than you were supposed to only perfect execution can save you. I remember the epic feeling i got when I killed 9 miner pigs (forget name lol) at-lvl all at once with the perfect combination of fears CC voidtanking life tap life drain and OMGwanding becuase I was oom and almost dead.

However 90% of your time as a warlock will either be as a lolwarlock or an on-par "OP" lock.
Buffs are so subtle but nerfs hit like jackhammers... we get alot of each, but guess which class is the most shaken.
No offense in the least, but honestly posts like yours tend to confuse and mislead the reader when they do not contain current info. Before 4.0 drain tanking as aff was king and given how stupidly OP it was, we can see why it was nerfed(take drain tanking to what you described, and compare it to a hunter suddenly discovering he has ranged attacks).

As it stands pre-shattering all 3 are good but aff is a bit better of the three, though you should try them all to find what you enjoy the most. However post-shattering it is anyone's game. FG is already flimsy now and when mobs start hitting harder, he might not even be able to handle mob attacks one at a time. Destro relies on bursting mobs down, but once mobs have more health that may not work either. Come back to us a week after the shattering or so and we might have more info...
Anything to expect?

This was the question. Not specific. Literally asking us opinions and possible stories about the life of a warlock and lvling. Which is what I did. That is all.

PS: Why is it that Affliction MUST be the top dps spec?
So, rolling a lock tomorrow, what's recommended now for levelling spec? Seems neat to get Felguard so early...?
Honestly its going to be hard to say since it is hard to adequately compare a 1-80 lvling experience after drastic changes only a few weeks ago.

All I can tell you, is it totally depends on your play style. I lvl'd aff for the dot'n'run capabilities, as well as (with good execution) never having to drink and beginning and ending each fight with full hp and mana.

I switched over to demo once I was able to get a felguard and didnt look back.

Destro is also sick at 1v1ing mobs since they will usually die before they even get to you.

Take your pick.
I would say affliction or demo because destro is more of a raiding spec if you ask me so if u want to pvp go affliction and if u wanna lvl/pvp affliction/destro

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