I'd be willing to trade my mage to any gnome lock that feels blizz loves mages more, but it is probably against the tos. Warlocks are awesome and % nerfs are not going to change that.

Mages right now are in a worse position depending how you look at it. From a play style stand point, our best raid spec only uses one spell! Do you know how incredibly bad that is? I've been playing with alts since 4.0 came out because I can't enjoy any mage spec knowing I could do more or comparable damage spamming arcane blast.
I like you better than most mages.. and thats saying alot.

But from a numbers aspect, you guys win. And not only do you win, you win with the highest number/effort ratio by far.

You say it as if it is a bad thing... but in all reality it is.

In a perfect wow-world the hardest classes to dps with would be all of the pures. The hybrids would have easier rotations with slightly lower output. Not to say that no guild should pick one up as a dps, but say you take and enourmous average of all the best players out there and all the classes were sitting around 15k dps the pures should be 15.5-15-8. Not only becuase they are pures but a harder to attain perfect rotation would have a better incentive than an easier class.

In this way blizzard rewards harder rotations with a slightly higher dps incentive.

When I first started raiding in June I realized how bad my server was when I would outdps people with 1-2k higher GS than me on a regular basis in pugs; and sometimes with a higher margin. I thought at first that this insanely hard (at the time anyway lol, now its just fun and challenging) class had an easter egg dps incentive for those who worked hard enough at it and were good enough.

Then I rolled a pally, whos dps was quite literally faceroll. I could sit there and press 123 123 123 123 123 with the right macros and wala! a perfect ret rotation was born. (I like how ret is now tho, way better) But my lock has, and always will be my starchild, my top dps toon... until this nerf, and now im afraid that my pally ret OS with tanking rings might outdps the lock I worked so hard on.

The new changes to mages however put more emphasis on the procs and less on stacking the arcane blast so you might have had your wish granted. I will myself lvl a mage and get an inside look at our archenemy to make some judgements about how OP/easytoplay they really are. Casters FTW!

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