Macroing HS to heals

My wife is about to start Pally Healing for the first time. Its been a while since I've had a shot at it and I notice that HS is one of the bigger parts of the healing tools now because of the nice procs it gives along with generating Holy Power.

So would it be recommended to macro the three major heals (FS, HL and DL) with /cast Holy Shock before them to ensure its cast first and foremost to generate Holy Power?
I would say no, since it's on the GCD, so you would still have to use the macro twice, and because, in the Cata healing environment, you will need control over your heals; Holy Shock isn't always the best choice.

Pretty much this. If the tank takes a big hit, one GCD could mean survival or... not. IF you're going to macro HS in with any other heal, do it on Holy Light, not one of your bigger heals. I am actually sort of bad about using Holy Shock, this would be interesting to try since I'm mashing my keys anyway. However, I definitely don't recommend this for a new paladin healer.
Just get a CD monitor and track it. Mine pops up right beside me so it's obvious when it's ready to go again.

While it's good to use frequently, I don't want it in the way of other spells I may need to cast. Also, sometimes I may want to keep it in reserve

I don't recommend this. Not only won't it quite work the way you intend (you'd need a castsequence macro, which would lock out all your heals when Holy Shock is on cooldown); but you also want some control over when Holy Shock is available (e.g., don't waste it just prior to having to move or expecting to need a triage heal).

My recommendation would be to use an addon that reminds you of Holy Shock being available.

As an aside, at higher levels the Tower of Radiance talent becomes another important tool for building holy power.
Before Divine Favor was changed and Divine Illumination was removed, the only macros I used for healing was a Divine Favor/Holy Shock combo, and macroing Divine Illumination to Judgement (back when Judgement was getting hit almost off cooldown for the mana returns from Seal of Wisdom.)

As standard practice, it's a bad idea to macro anything that either A.) You want complete control of, or B.) Anything that's on the GCD.

Examples of "good" ideas:
Divine Favor + Divine Light: Gets that big heal out faster, and gives it a higher critical strike chance. Assuming this is a period of high raid damage as well, it'll increase your healing output by quite a bit for those 20 seconds, just make sure to make it count.

Hyperspeed Accelerators + Divine Light: Another short-term haste boost. Same idea as above.

Any spellpower trinket + Holy Shock: The more Holy Shock heals, the more likely you are to be able to save your WoG for somebody else.

Any critical strike trinket + Holy Shock: Holy Shock crits are the only ones that have synergy with our talents. More Infusion of Light procs means more healing output over a shorter period of time. This is especially nice since Infusion of Light will now also affect Divine Light was well as Holy Light. This can result in a three-point combo of a big Holy Shock crit, a quick Divine Light, and a three-hp Word of Glory - three targets healed in quick succession, five if you count your Beacon target and yourself from Protector of the Innocent.

Battlemaster's trinket + Lay on Hands: These trinkets currently provide a very juicy intellect bonus, one of the best in the game. At first glance, increasing your health by 4k may not seem to be as nice a bonus, but it does mesh nicely with Lay on Hands, which heals your target based on your max health. Combine the fact that LoH can crit, and you've got a powerful last-second tank saver in your arsenal.

Divine Protection + Hand of Sacrifice: I BELIEVE (can't test right now since servers are down) that DP is off the GCD. Assuming it is, this would be a valid and potentially useful macro that could help take some strain off your healing output (and that of others, as well.) Assuming you have the Protector of the Innocent talent, every heal you cast on others will proc a heal on yourself, making you mostly self-sufficient, so taking more damage SHOULDN'T kill you, if used wisely.

Well, that's pretty much all that come to mind at the moment. Note I put "good" in quotes above; I did so for a reason. Many players prefer to keep things like trinket activations and burst cooldowns available for activation when they need them most, rather than simply turning them into another "random proc." If you're bad at tracking these things, as I am, then feel free to go macro crazy.
Thanks Jantilla!

Thats helpful advice.
I probably wouldn't recommend macroing holy shock into the heals, just practice counting to 5-6 in your head, and then pressing the button while you are using your other heals

A lot of times you will have 2 people taking damage and you would want to use that holy shock on another person, followed by a quick direct heal like infusioned holy light, flash of light, or WoG on the main target.

Right now I don't find myself using Divine Light hardly at all unless I need some huge heals for some reason like clearing an infest or something, mostly because the damage is just coming in too fast still.
Summing up:

Mouseover macros are your friend.
Tying abilities together that are both on the GCD is a bad idea.
Holy Shock is something to use in a smart way, not just spamming it without thinking about your target.

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