Worlds coming to an end! (Picture Game)

With the world ending during 3am PST and 11am PST I figured a little game might be nice. Posting your favorite picture from the old world!
I lost a lot of my older screenshots when dogs killed my mac (I'm not exaggerating btw, they literally somehow managed to knock it of my computer table and shattered the glass screen along with pretty much destroying the innards)

but here's a recent one I took, while flying to hinterlands - I thought that sunset was something else

Searching for a rare spawn in Teldrassil and getting the table for Darnassus. Sure gonna miss running through Auberdine. /sob
This is one of my favorite screenshots I've ever taken.

Location: Bloodmyst Isle
Best pic I loved was on a HDD that died years ago. My first epic mount at 60 back when 1000 g was HUGE.
Here's a few.

This one is flying an alt through the Wetlands back towards Ironforge.

This one was getting my warrior turned into a kitty cat during halloween.

And some of you will probably remember this. During one of the first elemental attacks during cata launch.

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